Date ideas

Had a big talk with a mate about gaming girls whilst we were on the  way to the beach. He’s put a heap of effort into learning this shit. More than I realised. Respect.

Anyway, we discussed date ideas. Nothing new, but worth mentioning.

1. Coffee, drink etc. Get her to come to yours first so she feels comfortable there. Basically my Hawthorn model is sorted. Basic premise is

  • Venue 1: Somewhere innocent (No booze).  I can use the Jap place near me, or a cafe
  • Venue 2: A casual bar
  • Venue 3: An intimate bar

Can combine Venue 2 and 3, throw in a walk, shopping or whatever for time dilation. Then move her back to mine.

2. Cook at mine or hers. Problems are my house sucks for that, and if she has flatmates its a cock block scenario.

3. Cocktails at mine. Could trigger ASD, so build comfort first. If she’s down, start it in garden, then to bedroom. Escalate.

4. Frisbee. You’re in a park (easy isolation), provides activity and a break from conversation, easy kino, and its free. Combine it with a coffee. Bam!

Some random thoughts

Been reading Krauser’s earlier posts. He’s the man! Great to see he struggled approaching… just like me. And fuck me, I can tell that he worked hard on this stuff. That’s what I need to do.

I kissed a fatty last night (writing this up in November, and I do not remember this… blocked from memory? LOL). Ugh. But one thing is that making out is no longer a ‘big thing’ for me. Progress.

A note on nutrition. There are no excuses for buying shit/unnecessary food. Today I spent $17 at Maccas. Fuck! I reckon I spend $10/week on unnecessary crap I don’t need. $520/year. That’s flights to NZ.I always rationalise “Oh I just need this [piece of shit food] this one time”. NO YOU FUCKING DON’T DAN! There’s no reason. I should set things up so there’s always good food available at home.

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Some ideas

Reading blogs is no longer entertainment. I do it to take in new information, to surround myself with driven and successful people. To that end, I’ll discuss a couple of good posts that I read today.

Authentic game (Steve Jabba)

If I impress a girl with money, status, cheap lines, then she’s not really attracted to me. She’ll be gone when the above are gone. Instead, stay true to myself, and show my impressive values, my life, my world. Cheap tricks only work with cheap (to me) girls.

Eye-fucking (3rd Millenium Man)

Great post on something I can master soon.

  • Move slowly, hold eye contact for longer than is expected.
  • Break eye contact slowly, and sideways, not down
  • Hold a smirk; don’t get nervous
  • Don’t be afraid to have some silence. This is a great, powerful, manly technique. Get the other person to save the conversation. Love it!
  • Do the triangle gaze before kissing. I’ll give this a go, but not convinced it’ll make a big difference.
  • On first meeting, when trying to i-date or n-close, a powerful, intense (non-sexual) gaze will help.
  • Think about sexing her (only after kissing)

This last point is powerful. I’m not convinced it can only be used after K-closing. This is stuff I want to nail.

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In the field and on dates

Found it really hard to approach this week. Talked to four – not five – girls on the 26th, but totally failed at showing interest. Also went on a climbing date. She seemed to like me, but I didn’t sexualise (show intent). There is still potential there, despite my poor effort.

Tonight I went on a date with Jana. Did OK (back to my place), but no close. Good conversation, I led a lot as well. Things to consider:

  • Dealing with LMR – it was my first experience with it, so not unexpected that I couldn’t blast through it.
  • When should I give comfort, when should I give attraction? In short, I need calibration.

An important point: The two girls that I went on dates with seemed inexperienced, and shy. This leads to expectations – not what I want. Not good for me or the girls. Choose better girls (in hindsight, no!), and frame things so there are no expectations.

I’m getting the old skills back. Kino. Approaching. It will come. I’m so interested in PU (no shit!) and self development. I’m trying to have a plan of action. It needs to revolve around approaching, and me not supplicating. I don’t want to sit around reading blogs aimlessly. I will make progress.

A realisation: I can make up my own mind about my place in the world (an attempt at defining my own reality) I live in. And I’ll respect others views on their own life as well.

There is no right answer. Only my own opinion. Which must be developed over time.

Statement of intent

I will become better with women.

I have already begun this project, and made progress. But not enough. Through this plan, I will systematically reach my goals.

From here on in, in my life, Pick-Up goes from a hobby, to a discipline. Over the last year, I’ve improved myself through the path of least resistance. Largely, this has involved fashion, body language, and working out. I’ve made progress, but from now on, it must be focused in the direction of greatest increase. I need to tract my progress, and follow a plan. Systematic evaluation is vital. What am I doing well? What needs improvement? Where do I want to go?

That last question is a guiding light, and my starting point. Two answers are apparent:

  1. I will become a man of accomplishment – with the standard for accomplishment decided by me.
  2. When I want a woman, I will obtain her.

A lesson from the last year:

Body language ≠ getting women

Fashion ≠ getting women

Gym ≠ getting women


Approaching ≈ getting women

That (approaching) is my biggest weakness, and the thing that will lead to banging women.Therefore, I need an approach schedule. I get very nervous when approaching. I mainly approach Asians; they’re less intimidating.

Its ok to start small. Tomorrow, I’ll start a conversation with FIVE strangers. Until then, I cannot go to meet Jon for an RC sesh.

Do it Dan

Addendum: To put this in perspective, I became game-aware about a year prior  to writing this (hence the reference to having already begun this project), then quickly got into a relationship with a woman who wasn’t right for me. I had worked on non-confrontational things like fashion, not on approaching and putting myself on the line. A rather fore-sighted observation in fact.