Statement of intent

I will become better with women.

I have already begun this project, and made progress. But not enough. Through this plan, I will systematically reach my goals.

From here on in, in my life, Pick-Up goes from a hobby, to a discipline. Over the last year, I’ve improved myself through the path of least resistance. Largely, this has involved fashion, body language, and working out. I’ve made progress, but from now on, it must be focused in the direction of greatest increase. I need to tract my progress, and follow a plan. Systematic evaluation is vital. What am I doing well? What needs improvement? Where do I want to go?

That last question is a guiding light, and my starting point. Two answers are apparent:

  1. I will become a man of accomplishment – with the standard for accomplishment decided by me.
  2. When I want a woman, I will obtain her.

A lesson from the last year:

Body language ≠ getting women

Fashion ≠ getting women

Gym ≠ getting women


Approaching ≈ getting women

That (approaching) is my biggest weakness, and the thing that will lead to banging women.Therefore, I need an approach schedule. I get very nervous when approaching. I mainly approach Asians; they’re less intimidating.

Its ok to start small. Tomorrow, I’ll start a conversation with FIVE strangers. Until then, I cannot go to meet Jon for an RC sesh.

Do it Dan

Addendum: To put this in perspective, I became game-aware about a year prior  to writing this (hence the reference to having already begun this project), then quickly got into a relationship with a woman who wasn’t right for me. I had worked on non-confrontational things like fashion, not on approaching and putting myself on the line. A rather fore-sighted observation in fact. 


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