In the field and on dates

Found it really hard to approach this week. Talked to four – not five – girls on the 26th, but totally failed at showing interest. Also went on a climbing date. She seemed to like me, but I didn’t sexualise (show intent). There is still potential there, despite my poor effort.

Tonight I went on a date with Jana. Did OK (back to my place), but no close. Good conversation, I led a lot as well. Things to consider:

  • Dealing with LMR – it was my first experience with it, so not unexpected that I couldn’t blast through it.
  • When should I give comfort, when should I give attraction? In short, I need calibration.

An important point: The two girls that I went on dates with seemed inexperienced, and shy. This leads to expectations – not what I want. Not good for me or the girls. Choose better girls (in hindsight, no!), and frame things so there are no expectations.

I’m getting the old skills back. Kino. Approaching. It will come. I’m so interested in PU (no shit!) and self development. I’m trying to have a plan of action. It needs to revolve around approaching, and me not supplicating. I don’t want to sit around reading blogs aimlessly. I will make progress.

A realisation: I can make up my own mind about my place in the world (an attempt at defining my own reality) I live in. And I’ll respect others views on their own life as well.

There is no right answer. Only my own opinion. Which must be developed over time.


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