Some ideas

Reading blogs is no longer entertainment. I do it to take in new information, to surround myself with driven and successful people. To that end, I’ll discuss a couple of good posts that I read today.

Authentic game (Steve Jabba)

If I impress a girl with money, status, cheap lines, then she’s not really attracted to me. She’ll be gone when the above are gone. Instead, stay true to myself, and show my impressive values, my life, my world. Cheap tricks only work with cheap (to me) girls.

Eye-fucking (3rd Millenium Man)

Great post on something I can master soon.

  • Move slowly, hold eye contact for longer than is expected.
  • Break eye contact slowly, and sideways, not down
  • Hold a smirk; don’t get nervous
  • Don’t be afraid to have some silence. This is a great, powerful, manly technique. Get the other person to save the conversation. Love it!
  • Do the triangle gaze before kissing. I’ll give this a go, but not convinced it’ll make a big difference.
  • On first meeting, when trying to i-date or n-close, a powerful, intense (non-sexual) gaze will help.
  • Think about sexing her (only after kissing)

This last point is powerful. I’m not convinced it can only be used after K-closing. This is stuff I want to nail.

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