Date ideas

Had a big talk with a mate about gaming girls whilst we were on the  way to the beach. He’s put a heap of effort into learning this shit. More than I realised. Respect.

Anyway, we discussed date ideas. Nothing new, but worth mentioning.

1. Coffee, drink etc. Get her to come to yours first so she feels comfortable there. Basically my Hawthorn model is sorted. Basic premise is

  • Venue 1: Somewhere innocent (No booze).  I can use the Jap place near me, or a cafe
  • Venue 2: A casual bar
  • Venue 3: An intimate bar

Can combine Venue 2 and 3, throw in a walk, shopping or whatever for time dilation. Then move her back to mine.

2. Cook at mine or hers. Problems are my house sucks for that, and if she has flatmates its a cock block scenario.

3. Cocktails at mine. Could trigger ASD, so build comfort first. If she’s down, start it in garden, then to bedroom. Escalate.

4. Frisbee. You’re in a park (easy isolation), provides activity and a break from conversation, easy kino, and its free. Combine it with a coffee. Bam!

Some random thoughts

Been reading Krauser’s earlier posts. He’s the man! Great to see he struggled approaching… just like me. And fuck me, I can tell that he worked hard on this stuff. That’s what I need to do.

I kissed a fatty last night (writing this up in November, and I do not remember this… blocked from memory? LOL). Ugh. But one thing is that making out is no longer a ‘big thing’ for me. Progress.

A note on nutrition. There are no excuses for buying shit/unnecessary food. Today I spent $17 at Maccas. Fuck! I reckon I spend $10/week on unnecessary crap I don’t need. $520/year. That’s flights to NZ.I always rationalise “Oh I just need this [piece of shit food] this one time”. NO YOU FUCKING DON’T DAN! There’s no reason. I should set things up so there’s always good food available at home.

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