First N-close from DG

 On Tuesday, the floodgates opened. Had two hours to kill, and wanted to open three sets. I was farking nervous, and suspected I wouldn’t more than one or two. In the end I did five!

Set 1: HB8 and HB3. Saw them, thought, ‘fuck it. i’ll do it’. Opened with ‘You two look very Chinese. Is Chinese or Japanese harder to learn?’ They hooked, gave IOIs, and I n-closed the eight (but she lives in Sydney). My first daygame n-close this year. Solid!

Set 2: Can’t remeber this well, but another two 7s who didn’t hook.

Set 3: 2 HB8s. Same opener as set 1. Kinda hooked, but a dude (their friend) came along and ruined it for me.

Set 4: Just talked to a girl about slurpees. Not great, but not too bad.

Set 5: A HB7 I used the language opener on. Could have n-closed (I suspect), but I got nervous. Dang.

I’m finding that opener works well when there’s more than one girl, so they can debate the question. But then how do I n-close just one of them?

Anyway, I’ve been using that opener on lots of Asian girls, and gotten an 8s number. However I still get AA, and can’t use it to open Australian girls with it. Once I’ve used it, I would like to get more cocky-funny, push-pull, and light kino. I may push for the occasional i-date, but feel its better to go for a number atm.

In summary: priority one is nipping that AA in the bud.

Also, my nightgame sucks (the first of many times I’ll utter that phrase)


I go direct. Sober.

Haven’t updated in a while.

Game wise, all was quiet until Saturday. Went out with Kit and his mate Rohan (neither are into game). Ro was a champ, strong body language, confident, opened whoever the fuck he wanted. Yeah, I want that! He also had a major case of one-itis.

Anyway, shit was mad. Girls were opening us. Was good, though I didn’t close.

Since then, I been approaching sober a lot. Been starting conversations with as many girls as I can. Its going alright, but I gotta relax and tease a bit more. I also tried going direct with

I saw you walking there, thought you were really cute, so I decided to say hello. 

Fuck I was choding it up so badly. Super nervous, voice sounded weird, major outcome dependence on my face. I won’t get that opener to work until I overcome my approach anxiety and general nervousness with going direct.

Things that could help with this:

  1. Get some more (indirect) openers
  2. Man up (the ultimate way) and keep doing the above direct opener til I get good at it.

A daygame approach!

Finally, I approached! An Asian HB5 who I’m not interested in. But it got the ball rolling. I’m sure I’ll be bale to keep going with this now. I’m thinking I’ll start an approach diary, but in the meantime, I’ll analyse the set here.

I was a little awkward (no shit!) and ran out of things to say. But I made her laugh, she was kinda interested and I think I could’ve number closed if she didn’t have to rush off to class. Gotta work on drawing out the conversation a bit more. But I’m feeling awesome about this shit in general!

Hahahah, Getting analytical after 1 whole approach – funny shit Dan

The importance of frame and a strong reality

Still confined by my AA. Been getting smiles, hair flicks and positive responses when I ask girls for directions. But can’t approach properly (eg. telegraph interest).

I’ve gotten back into OKC. This is bad because its discracting, and not real approaching. But I’m learning from it, particularly not to accept a girl’s frame (see below). I’ll stay with it for now, but not for long. Six weeks max from today.

Reading Krauser’s early posts, and he had the same issue as me. I feel that Daygame is interrupting girls, getting in the way of their day. Krauser’s instructor said:

This is tough to answer because its not in my reality. I’m offering them the value, I’m their opportunity

That’s important:


My reality is so weak. Every part of my life would benefit from a stronger reality. I should not accept someone elses’s frame. Learning to avoud that, as evidenced by this OKC convo

Me: Cute hair, but a boring profile… blah blah some shit about chocolate”

Her: Something about liking chocolate. Can’t you compliment me on something better than my hair”

Normally at this point I would’ve defended my compliment… thereby accepting her frame. Instead I went with this:

Me: Chocolate huh? Make sure you brush your teeth.

Her: Yes, and go to gym.

Ok its not like she’s massively hooked, but I don’t think I did too badly there.

Lesson: Keep the fuckin’ frame man!

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