The importance of frame and a strong reality

Still confined by my AA. Been getting smiles, hair flicks and positive responses when I ask girls for directions. But can’t approach properly (eg. telegraph interest).

I’ve gotten back into OKC. This is bad because its discracting, and not real approaching. But I’m learning from it, particularly not to accept a girl’s frame (see below). I’ll stay with it for now, but not for long. Six weeks max from today.

Reading Krauser’s early posts, and he had the same issue as me. I feel that Daygame is interrupting girls, getting in the way of their day. Krauser’s instructor said:

This is tough to answer because its not in my reality. I’m offering them the value, I’m their opportunity

That’s important:


My reality is so weak. Every part of my life would benefit from a stronger reality. I should not accept someone elses’s frame. Learning to avoud that, as evidenced by this OKC convo

Me: Cute hair, but a boring profile… blah blah some shit about chocolate”

Her: Something about liking chocolate. Can’t you compliment me on something better than my hair”

Normally at this point I would’ve defended my compliment… thereby accepting her frame. Instead I went with this:

Me: Chocolate huh? Make sure you brush your teeth.

Her: Yes, and go to gym.

Ok its not like she’s massively hooked, but I don’t think I did too badly there.

Lesson: Keep the fuckin’ frame man!

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