I go direct. Sober.

Haven’t updated in a while.

Game wise, all was quiet until Saturday. Went out with Kit and his mate Rohan (neither are into game). Ro was a champ, strong body language, confident, opened whoever the fuck he wanted. Yeah, I want that! He also had a major case of one-itis.

Anyway, shit was mad. Girls were opening us. Was good, though I didn’t close.

Since then, I been approaching sober a lot. Been starting conversations with as many girls as I can. Its going alright, but I gotta relax and tease a bit more. I also tried going direct with

I saw you walking there, thought you were really cute, so I decided to say hello. 

Fuck I was choding it up so badly. Super nervous, voice sounded weird, major outcome dependence on my face. I won’t get that opener to work until I overcome my approach anxiety and general nervousness with going direct.

Things that could help with this:

  1. Get some more (indirect) openers
  2. Man up (the ultimate way) and keep doing the above direct opener til I get good at it.

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