First N-close from DG

 On Tuesday, the floodgates opened. Had two hours to kill, and wanted to open three sets. I was farking nervous, and suspected I wouldn’t more than one or two. In the end I did five!

Set 1: HB8 and HB3. Saw them, thought, ‘fuck it. i’ll do it’. Opened with ‘You two look very Chinese. Is Chinese or Japanese harder to learn?’ They hooked, gave IOIs, and I n-closed the eight (but she lives in Sydney). My first daygame n-close this year. Solid!

Set 2: Can’t remeber this well, but another two 7s who didn’t hook.

Set 3: 2 HB8s. Same opener as set 1. Kinda hooked, but a dude (their friend) came along and ruined it for me.

Set 4: Just talked to a girl about slurpees. Not great, but not too bad.

Set 5: A HB7 I used the language opener on. Could have n-closed (I suspect), but I got nervous. Dang.

I’m finding that opener works well when there’s more than one girl, so they can debate the question. But then how do I n-close just one of them?

Anyway, I’ve been using that opener on lots of Asian girls, and gotten an 8s number. However I still get AA, and can’t use it to open Australian girls with it. Once I’ve used it, I would like to get more cocky-funny, push-pull, and light kino. I may push for the occasional i-date, but feel its better to go for a number atm.

In summary: priority one is nipping that AA in the bud.

Also, my nightgame sucks (the first of many times I’ll utter that phrase)


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