Lair dudes

Went and met dudes from the lair today. Fuck I was nervous! But as a wise man (or the e-sig of one of said lair dudes) ‘there’s no growth in your comfort zone’. Do what makes you scared. Well, going along was an excellent decision. I met some rad dudes, talked to a lot of hot girls, and got a strong number.

I saw some solid PUAs in action, and now I see where I can go with this. What I can get out of it.

I’ve got the same sticking points:

  • Going more direct
  • Ploughing

Determination. Aggression. Going for the prize.



About to go and sarge. But first:

1. I worked out that I didn’t build enough comfort with Jana (girl I made out with at a party, then got back to my place for the day 2)… explains a lot, shoulda figured it out earlier.

2. I want to start getting into NLP, and particularly the associated body language and kino. I can work it with my RC routine, but I’ll try an ebook first.

A day 3…

Just went out for the second time with a quiet Chinese girl named Rita. Started well – I ran the cube, and it went well. One bonus is that it adds a lot of conversation. However the big issue from the date is that I was running out of things to say. She’s quiet, and that doesn’t help, but I also want to become a lot more talkative. I think the key is to put myself in as many social sitations as possible, and just practice opening up, relaxing, and being myself.

I can stop worrying about what I’m going to say next, and focus on what the girl is saying. I’m going  to start vibing as much as possible with Aussies to practice opening up. Including guys and girls that aren’t too hot.

On another note; read another excellent post by Krauser. Reflections on daygame. Pointers

  • If I approach, and don’t get a number, don’t get a plicker of attraction, then its a reflection of the attraction I’m (not) generating. Work on it.
  • Precess the feedback. Work swarter, not harder.
  • Don’t ask friends for feedback. Ask enemies… they are honest.
  • Don’t make excuses for not succeeding. Instead, realise I’m not all that.

Inner game

I’ve read articles saying its good to write a list of all my positive qualities; and lets face it: I have fucking heaps of them. Boost your confidence and all that. Still sometimes I feel I have a deep sense of shame, so why not?

  • Intelligent
  • Tall, sexy, good looks
  • Dedicated
  • I’m good at physical things (I have no idea what I meant by this…)
  • I work hard
  • I dress like a boss
  • I do badass shit like climbing
  • I have the ability to – and do – succeed at whatever I turn my attention to

I truly believe the last part (the qualifier being… if I put in the effort).

No one, and nothing can stop me!


Don’t eject, plough

I’m getting better at stopping girls. I’m fairly good at getting a couple of minutes conversation, but it would be better if it was more spontaneous. But honestly, I’m simply ejecting too early. There’s been two instances this week where there was no reason not too attempt the number close. Instead, I’d eject.

Just keep ploughing.

Main points:

  • Starting to open Caucasions
  • Still struggling with the AA on occaision
  • I’m out most days a week.
  • Going more direct, eg. ‘I like that scarf, its cute’