A feminist submits…

A fact of life, and a key part of of every gamer’s tool box is that women love to submit to a strong man.

Leadership is a skill of men, and when it comes to courting the fairer sex, a man must learn to be decisive.  You make your intentions known when approaching, you choose which cafe to patronise on the instadate.  In the bedroom, its no different, and nothing made this clearer to me than Friday night’s lay.  Here’s how it went down.

Friday night, and Slider, K and myself are out on the town. After a few false starts, we find ourselves  – of course – at the Tranny.  There wasn’t a whole lot going on, but K spotted and nicely opened a bunch of hidden Venezuelan girls… however we later found ourselves inundated with (fairly cool) Venezuelan dudes.  Nothing doing.

Over to the dance floor.  Again, some sets that went nowhere fast.  Hmmm.  Slider’s still with a Venezuelan – grabbing her number I believe, and K and I were about ready to move on.  A two set ambles past, and I open the only acceptable (the best way to describe her) girl, who hooks fairly easily. She’s half Fijian (though you wouldn’t know it), half Kiwi.  Over the next hour things progress with some intimate dancing and making out.  Her friend – who, it turns out lives in my street – gives me the go ahead, which is very nice of her indeed.

Through the course of the evening a few red flags have reared their ugly heads.  She:

  • Refuses to dance to Blurred Lines
  • Doesn’t like ‘offensive’ terms such as ‘banging girls’
  • Likes to throw around the phrase ‘rape culture’

A clear indication of her views on gender politics, but nonetheless she’s pleasant and fun to dance with.  Sooner or later we’re back at my place (She wants to pay for the cab.  I am happy about this.  Fuck me I’m poor!!).  As the clothes come off, I politely inform her that I’ll be fucking her every which way under the sun.  The conversation goes like this (ad libbed as I was drunk and don’t remember the exact words – they’re not important but the meaning behind them is).

Me: Do you realise that I’ll be doing to you whatever I please.  I’ll be doing you hard, and you may have trouble walking tomorrow morning.

Her: Don’t saaaay that, its demeeeeaning.  [I stick my cock in and slowly start thrusting]

Me: Its true.  Its going to be harder than you can imagine.

Her: Yes!  Please! More! etc 

I carry on in the same vein… I don’t think I’ve ever been that verbally intense with a girl, and she’s loving it.  Its the type of degrading sex you see in a dirty porno.  When I’m done she starts flipping out.  Her body’s having a big argument with her brain.  Its all “I needed that.  It was fantastic –  I loved it.  But why did I love it.  That’s bad.  I’m worried.  It shouldn’t be like that.”  She decides she wants more but I’m drunk and sleepy.

Conclusion: Girls love to submit to a strong man.  It doesn’t mean that you’re demeaning them or getting one over them.  Its not misogynistic.  Its just how things are.  They get as much pleasure from it as you do from ripping the clothes off a young hottie.  Get into beast mode in the bedroom.

In the morning, she tells me she’s heard that 90% of college men have committed rape.  Bloody hell, where do they get these ideas from.


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