October 2013 – An analysis of my game

I consider myself an amateur gamer.  Half the time, I’m still fumbling in the dark; trying this and that technique, because maybe it will work.  But the lights are slowly coming on.  Its easy to think the progress I’ve made is minuscule.  But compare October 2012-Dan to October 2013-Dan, and the difference is staggering.  To work out how far I’ve come, and where I want to go, I’ll rate my abilities in all facets of my game.  Periodically, I’ll write similar posts.

For whats its worth, I got serious about gaming in April 2012.  So 6 months thus far*.


Massive improvement.  Lets face it, no one ever daygames before finding out about it, so I can’t compare me-now to me-a year-ago.  But I’m really hitting my stride, particularly in the last few weeks.  I now approach any girl I want (and I feel confident enough to be picky).  I understand the structure that I want to follow with my sets, though often I don’t succeed and get bogged down in boring conversation.  In the short term, I want to work on ploughing, not ejecting, and converting Maybe-girls to Yes-girls.  4 full closes so far, and I can feel a couple of others on the horizon. 10 sets should yield 2-4 numbers.  


Still pretty shit.  I struggle to open sober.  I just haven’t done enough of it.  I doubt I’ll ever be a really effective nightgamer.  I’m not loud, or that keen on large groups of people.  But I like music, dancing and hanging out in bars, so I’ll stick with it.  Plus the girls are fucking hot when dressed up.  However I don’t get that much pleasure from hooking up with drunk bitches with low self-esteem.  One thing I’ll say is I’m great at reading body language and eye contact… and thus working out when its on.  This works well with my chosen game (I’m tall, dress well, not altogether ugly/out of shape – or so I’m told).  I’m basically bolder and more calibrated than I was.  2 SNLs.


I’m happy with my dates.  I love hanging out in Melbourne with a demure young girl.  I’ve got a good range of places to go, and don’t get nervous or worry about whether a date will be awkward, because it won’t be.  I do need to get better at getting a girl back to my place for sex.  I’m also intrigued by NLP and voice tonality, and other ways to make my conversation more interesting.  I’ll be looking into this in the future.

Inner game

I’m way more confident than I’ve ever been.  I feel that I’ve got power over my life, and that my options (girls, career, etc) are open.  Having said that, I’ve not actively tried to improve my inner game, but it will be something for the future.  Meditation is on the list of things to do.

In general, I’d like to:

  • Up the asshole factor
  • Be more assertive
  • Learn to discuss academic topics whilst not boring my audience

In the last month or so, I’ve realised that the sky is the limit with daygame.  If I don’t lose my interest in it, I know that I can go a long way with it.  That’s been a pattern since finding out about game:

  1. Not believing that it works
  2. Believing that it works, but having it seem so beyond me that I could never do it.  When I talked to girls I was happy if I could keep aconversation going.  Tailoring my responses to elicit certain reactions from a girl would not happen.
  3. Understanding some basics of game, but still being lost and overwhelmed.  I would put this down to a lack of calibration.
  4. Now I realise its all just a matter of time spent in set.  I can do this.

Odin will continue the quest.

*Ok, where the fuck did 2013 go?


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