The Japanese Touron

Being hungover can be great for my Daygame.  I just don’t give a fuck whether I live or die, so getting rejected is a triviality.  Bye bye approach anxiety.

Anywho, this is my favourite full close to date.  I’ve forgotten what I was doing the previous evening (probs down the Tranny), but I rolled into the CBD both hungover and keen to approach.  Warmed up on a nerdy Chinese girl, who was happy to chat but I wasn’t keen enough on her to take the number.  Cruising over to Bourke St, I spotted a girl talking to the people in the tourist booth, and knew she was for me.  Tallish, shoulder length dark hair, rock n roll leather jacket and a nice scarf.  Obviously a tourist – whom I make a point of opening – but also one of those girls that you feel you just have to introduce yourself to.

Hi, I’m Daniel.  

Actually, it wasn’t that smooth.  I waited for her to finish up at the booth, but being hungover, I didn’t notice her leave.  Fuck.  Spotted her coming out of a store five minutes later.  Open.  Turns out she’s a cute Japanese girl.  Nice.  A new flag.  She objects to the coffee instadate, but I’m hungover and don’t give a shit about taking what I want.  30 seconds later I tell her we’re getting coffee and march her off to one of my favourite haunts.  She’s pleasant and demure, a little shy.  I like her straight away.  She’s also only in town for two more days, and the next day she’s out on the Great Ocean Road.  Still, she seems open to the idea of meeting up, so I let her go with the promise to meet again.  She refuses the kiss close, but not in a negative way.

I tell her to meet me for sushi in my lunch break on Tuesday.  We hang for an hour, and I sneak in the kiss close, using my shy-girl kiss-close maneuver (invented the night before).  She agrees to meet for a drink when I finish work.  She’s leaving for Perth the next day, so the clock is ticking.  When we meet, she tells me she needs to get to her hostel by 9.30, for a party for her friend.  Bugger.  My place is about half an hour away.  Not good logistics, but in a nearby bar, we go through some sex talk, and I sense not all is lost.  After two drinks and some food, I tell her I wanna show her some music back at mine, and that I’ll get her back to the city by 9.30.  7.30 and we’re at my place.  Music comes on, I give her five minutes alone to relax, ten minutes of comfort, and then its heavy making out time.  Then she rocks the boat.  She’s not sure she wants her top to come off, so I give her what I now call The Speech.

I can tell from the way you talk, the way you move, that your life is a repetition.  You do the same things day in, day out.  Eat the same food, work at the same job, hang with the same friends.  [Voice becomes low and slow] But you came to Australia to have an adventure, to take a risk.  You wanted to try new things, learn about yourself.  I think you should take that risk.

She nods.

Hell yes, I can’t believe that worked.  Smooth sailing from then on.  She’s naked, beautiful and I give her a good ravishing. Land Ahoy.  I get her back to the city on time too; though I wanted her to stay… I liked that girl.


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