The Italian Teacher – Part I

The Approach

Its Sunday, and I’m meeting Slider in the CBD for another daygame sesh.  I’m a little early, and jump off the tram to open a nice little Indian – or thereabouts – girl. I’m up the Paris end of Collins where the streets are empty and its easy to open.  A few minutes in, and I’m hoping for the instadate, but she scurries off to work instead. Making my way down to Swanston St and I spot a nice looking girl – just my sort. Leggy and exotic with dark features and huge curly hair. She’s dressed classy. I like.


Face and hair like this, but shorter. Given the economic situation in Italy, I doubt she can afford that car.

I comment on the hair and guess she’s Italian.  Bullseye.  We discuss coffee in Italy and Melbourne, but after a couple of minutes my phone rings. Gotta remember to put it on silent when daygaming. If you ignore it to talk to her, then you look over-invested, but if you take too long on the phone she’s gonna get bored and leave.  Luckily its only Slider and he seems to get the idea to cut the convo.  I tell him I’ll meet him at Fee Square in 5, and the Italian and I walk down there.  I give my game a 5/10 ranking here, I was sure it wasn’t strong enough to get the number, but I like her, so I ask her if she wants to hang sometime and she agrees.  You always miss the shots you don’t take I guess.

Date No. 1

Txt game is easy. DHV with me cooking spicy food, keep it fun and when she mentions she loves Japanese food, its a good excuse for her to meet me. I’m not super confident because she’s about as hot a girl as I’ve laid to date, and because the set didn’t go super smoothly.  I needn’t have worried… she’s talkative and inquisitive, and after the mammoth amount of IOIs she managed to fit into the first 20min, I guess she’s pretty keen on me. Hooray, because I really like her, and I struggle not to give it all away too soon. She speaks several languages, has sophisticated hobbies (theater, ballet), and seems driven and loves learning. Yet she doesn’t come across as a nerd at all. My guess is due to her social confidence, she likes the dominant bad boy, but doesn’t find them stimulating intellectually.  Meanwhile most of the boys into the theater and what not are total pushovers. I’m not all that well versed in the classics and the European financial situation, but I know enough to fake it, and convey it with an assertive manner. She laps up the PhD I’m going to start ruin my life with. One thing to be careful of when getting academic: don’t let it get too dry and logical. I always do that. Keep it vivid and keep it fun.

Whatever I’m doing, it works. Soon, we’re sipping lemonade in a cool bar.  I’m in the corner of a couch, reclining and enjoying teasing her, whilst she’s leaning all the way in. Exactly where I want her. She’s all over me when I take the kiss – fark me, I used to get extremely jealous when I’d see that sorta scene in a bar. The conversation gets deeper – about our sexual habits funnily enough. After she spends ten minutes telling me about her preferences, she wonders why she’s so comfortable discussing something so intimate with a stranger.  I try on a little NLP here.

If we’d been drinking booze, we could blame it on that. But its just lemonade – wait, you didn’t spike my drink did you? [I pull back. She laughs].  Sometimes [begin to move closer again, slow down and lower voice] you meet someone [Look into her eyes]. And you click.  After an hour, you’ve known them your whole life [Touch her shoulder/squeeze her hand/etc]. You talk, and you talk and you talk. You feel at home with them – you can express anything you want to them.  Do you know that feeling?

There’s another little gambit I used. I thought it was really cool, and by her reaction, she did too.  It came off the back of me explaining that I’d been getting into Salsa dancing.

There’s two things that are great to do with a girl. Do you know what they are? [Of course not, but she can probably guess the first]. The first is to throw her on your bed and do with her as you will [You want to use some forceful/manly/even vulgar words here, to offset your second point, which is the velvet. Contrast game]. The second is to enjoy dancing with her. There’s nothing like dancing with a young, beautiful, graceful girl, and putting a big smile on her face. Its intoxicating. In the dance, the man is the leader – he guides the woman as he sees fit. He is the picture frame, and she is the picture. While he moves simply and directly, she will sway her hips, and shake her shoulders, drawing attention to herself. But he shows her how to move. Its a fantastic expression of feminine grace and male leadership.

I really like this one. I’ll have to refine it. It can be used at different stages of getting to know her, with different effects. Done right, it can

  • DHV: You dance salsa
  • Introduce sex as a comfortable topic
  • Sets the frame of you being the leader, and makes her feel feminine
  • Be a kino routine; grab her hands and show her how you communicate during the dance
  • Above all, its highly emotive and will get the pussy tingling

That more or less concluded the date. Hoping to close her later this week. We’ll see; it never pays to count your chickens and all that.


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