I wanted to push myself today. Right now I’ve got enough female attention that I don’t care about burning sets because I pushed them to far. The MO was: today I am going to take every interaction as far as possible, only going for the number as a last resort.. The ultimate success would be the single-day-lay, surely the holy grail of daygaming.

I was headed out alone, and a bit worried that I’d find it hard to approach with no one to push me, and having not done many sets recently. I needn’t have worried… think im over the AA for good (nightgame is a different story).

1. German exchange student

Opened this girl by commenting on her hair. We talked for a couple of minutes, but she appered distracted and ran off to catch a train.

2. Croatian flight attendant

This girl had huge dark curly hair, a nice figure, and was wearing those damn ugg boots that I hate. So basically thats my opener sorted – an easy compliment, and an easy tease, all in one. She was just in Melbourne for the day – and I was thinking SDL time – but my conversation was really stale and didn’t go anywhere. Still, there seemed to be a bit of attraction, so I suggested a coffee. In the end, her flight was in a couple of hours, so it was a no go. Probably my favourite girl of the day.

3. Hong Kong student

Opened this one by saying her coat reminded me of an outfit in a film noir movie I’d watched. Again, this set was ok, she opened up, but I was lacking any dynamic-ness, so it all went nowhere.

4. American student

Should have been my best set. I opened and she gave me the eye-sparkle that suggests she’s interested. It was a pleasure to talk to her. But again, I let it slide with my conversation. I don’t know why but I was feeling tongue tied and boring all day. Harrumph!

5. Italian tourist

Maybe the most interesting set of the day for me. She was pretty fun to talk to, but off to meet a friend, and I wasn’t interested enough to take the number.

There were another 4-5 sets like the above. Generally, I’d open well, have a few minutes of conversation, and then nothing. I think in a way, I was too laid back and low energy today. Normally I’m a little nervous or excited, but today wasn’t like that at all. So I think I was subcommunicating to the girls that I wasn’t that excited to be talking to them, that it was just a process.

Had an interesting moment where after a few minutes the girl told me she had to go, whilst making absolutely no effort to move on – still had her legs crossed, etc. I reckon this must’ve been a test, to see how I’d respond to her leaving.

Obviously I didn’t get far with my original mission, but the day wasn’t a total write off. Plus with instadates I think a lot of it is luck with logistics, so I won’t be too hard on myself for not getting any

Pros: No problems with opening, or getting the girls to stop and chat. I don’t think I ejected from a set all day, which is really what I was after.
Cons: Boring conversation, too low energy. My opener’s were very repetitive… I prefer to keep it fresh and specific to each girl, so she knows I talked to her for a reason.

I give the day a 5/10 rating. A SDL awaits.


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