The shy-girl kiss close

Or the introverted-girl KC I guess.

Seems like a lot of the girls I go for are introverted. The type wearing long, flowery skirts, and cute scarves, usually spending a Friday night drinking tea with a friend rather than slamming the clubs. Couple this with the fact that I target them during the day, and tend not to drink even when I’m at a bar – not that I don’t like boozing, but its either ON or OFF for me. These girls are gonna resist your advances, though they want it. They’re just not used to having a trillion dudes hitting on them over the course any given weekend, and as I need to escalate by the end of the second date, you needa deal with that resistance. With a more sexualised girl, you can just go in for the kiss, but an introvert needs more comfort, which you as a busy man don’t have time for.

Enter the shy girl kiss close.

You want to be building deep rapport, and getting plenty of basic kino going. Hand holding, putting your arm round her, etc. Act familiar. Then it goes a little something like this:

  1. You warn her you are thinking about kissing her
  2. She expresses doubts – and contradictory body language tells.
  3. You agree, but suggest those doubts are not the be all and end all
  4. She expresses less strong doubts, the forebrain high-brain conflict reveals itself
  5. You kiss her.

You: [Let the conversation die off, naturally, fix her with a stare – get her attention, so she knows your gonna tell her something] I’m thinking about kissing you… [pause and gauge reaction… verbal and non-verbal*] but I know you’re kinda shy. [You’re giving her a warning, letting her get used to the idea, without having to commit to it. You’re not asking for her permission, but if she gives it, go in… Duh]

Her: Maybe I’m too shy for that, I don’t know, etc… [Look for contradictory body language tells]

You: True, but I think secretly you might want to try it too…

Her: I’m not sure, I’m not sure…

You: [slowly move your head towards hers, expect her to do the same. Kiss her gently and slowly. She’ll enjoy it.]

The key here is having the ability to read what her non-verbals are telling you. Look for contradictions in what she says and does. She’ll verbally refuse, but non-verbally encourage. Eg.

  • Not move away from you
  • Increase her touching of you – applying pressure to your hand if she’s holding it
  • Hold strong eye contact, look for pupil dilution indicating excitement. The ‘Its ON’ eyes.
  • Looking away from you, then bact toward you… darting eyes are the classic forebrain/hindbrain conflict.

When you see some of this, you wanna grab her (figuratively) and force her hand by going in for the kiss. The forebrain should relent under your direction and the hindbrain’s desire. Expect things to get easier once you’ve overcome this barrier, but be wary of their attachment.


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