Mind is blown

This is today’s theme song

That giddy feeling you get from pushing yourself beyond what you believed possible. Its been a constant companion since I started daygaming.

Whoa! Is this possible? Am I doing this?

Love it.

Two sets from daygame today that smashed through my (already fairly liberal) preconceptions:

1. Slim local Japanese girl, with long hair, long legs, and a bit of a strut. Classic example of a girl who is hot and knows it. There were just so many times (I’ll number them) where it could have fallen apart. I’m stoked I kept it going as long as I did.

I opened commandingly (#1. I think she would have steam rolled me if I’d done anything less) – something I need to do more often… I’m often a bit wishy-washy. Something a long the lines of

I love your long hair – very nice. This is gonna sound odd, but do you know, the colour of your shorts reminds me of these blueberry milkshakes my Mum used to make when I was a kid.

Props to Krauser there. She’s IOIing hard, but also about to walk off – clearly she has somewhere to be (#2). I tell her she looks Chinese, and she says she’s from Japan, which we discuss. She tells me I should visit (we’ll call that another IOI). Felt like I rolling into comfort territory a bit too quickly so added in some teasing, then back to the getting-to-know-you game.

At this point her phone starts ringing, and its her boyfriend. Nuts! I’m thinking ‘game over’. She wants to answer (#3), but I tell her to call him back in a couple of minutes, and she accepts. More chatting, and the boyfriend calls again (#4). So I say the same thing, and she relents once more. Internally I’m really pleased with my dominance… big improvement. Another minute or two of conversation, and I tell her we should grab coffee sometime next week. She seems to consider it, but in the end she doesn’t want to upset her boyfriend. Fair enough, if she likes him she should stay with him.

So yes, I didn’t close, but its still more or less the best set I’ve done. I’ve had sets that have of course go much smoother than that, but they were just on from the beginning. This one was like walking a tightrope, and I didn’t fall off until the final moment. Specifically really happy with my dominance, confidence, and the technical aspects of my game.

2. Immediately after, I spot a girl who I WANT. Huge long curly hair, and long legs, she looks vaguely Eastern European. Love it. However, she’s hanging out with an older woman, presumably her mother. I wouldn’t normally do a mother-daughter set, but I’m so drawn to her. I’m umming and ahhing. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure they saw me chatting to the Japanese girl, because they keep glancing my way every now and then. Dj20 and Vanguard come over, and I point out the situation. Vanguard gives me an odd look, but DJ20 tells me I came out to push myself, so why not do it. Fair enough.

I’m mostly talking to the girl, and she’s IOIing – leaning in, hair stroking, and asking me questions. Later when I engage the mother, she’s IOIing (hair stroking) too. Fuck me, talk about an ego boost. I tell the mother I like her daughter, and I’d like to take her for a coffee sometime. They both give me a pleased giggle, and the girl says ok. I seriously cannot believe it, and start getting a bit shaky when I put the number in my phone.

This girl is going straight to priority no.1. Physically she’s near perfect, but her demeanor is also lovely. Any girl who is content and happy hanging out with her Mum on a Sunday arvo gets a tick in my book. She also seems very confident, and not because of her beauty. Precisely what I’m looking for.

Fantastic day!


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