Progress with nightgame

Been hitting the nightgame pretty hard over the past couple of weeks.

Progress has been made. I’m now regularly opening sets… probably about 5 per night. I’m drinking a lot less, which has all sorts of benefits. Its more confronting, but also healthier, gives me more confidence, better for the bank account, and doesn’t ruin the following day. No more wasting time in ques either (which was a good form of approach avoidance – lol). I will now save boozing for when I’m hanging with my good friends.

A lot of my sets tend to go absolutely nowhere. Ie. I open, get a non-committal response from girl, then eject. I put this down to

  • A lack of confidence in the nightgame environment – I’m sub-communicating that I don’t expect them to talk to me. To be fixed by doing more sets, and by becoming more natural at banter and vibing in a club.
  • Giving off a ‘creepy-pua’ vibe. Not sure about this one. Can be caused by value scanning the room. I think I should socialise with more mixed sets and guy sets, to just have fun.

Over the weekend (two nights out), I got three make-outs. I ‘think’ I’m a shit night-gamer, but I guess lots of dudes would be happy with those results.

This all raises the question – do I enjoy nightgame?


  • Cool music and dancing
  • Girls put effort into their appearance
  • Convenient way to score some fast tail
  • You can do some crazy shit
  • Fun


  • Toxic effects on rest of life (staying out late, boozing, clubs can be expensive)
  • Its an environment slanted to take value away from men – look for the bouncer’s looking for excuses to not let you in, or throw you out once you’ve made it inside
  • It can be stressful unlike daygame (to be fair, when I started out, daygame was fucking stressful too)
  • Drunk girls are less alluring, and honestly, most of the ones I talk to, I don’t particularly wish to see again.

On the last point, this may be world-creation and projection on my part. But I believe that clubs do attract lower quality girls – by my standards. I tend to date introverts, whom I doubt make up the majority of the partying crowd. But maybe the main problem is with myself. I daygame to get dates with girls I like. I nightgame to get laid – that night. Hence, during nightgame, hotness and availability is more important to me than personality. Next time I go out, I may aim to only get numbers, not a lay, and see if the quality of girls I meet will improve.

Ultimately, I don’t want to spend my life doing shit I don’t enjoy. I leave that to every other guy, unwilling to take control of his life. I’ll tolerate nightgame for the moment, because the progress I’m making is worth it. I sincerely hope that in a couple of months, I’ll love nightgame as much as I do daygame. If not, I will give it up.


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