The Italian Teacher – Part II

Its about time I finished this one off.

To recap. Hot Italian teacher that I like a lot and who seems to be into me. Day 2 ends with some heavy making out. Day 3 is on a Friday, and I’m hoping to either get her home, or make progress and finish up early enough to head out for some nightgame. I’m going climbing the next morning and need to be up early either way, so its no late night for me.

Its Friday night, and we meet in the city and go for ice-cream. I’m playing it cool, leaning back and doing some light teasing. She seems very talkative around me, and I’m happy to let her tell me about her life. We move off to an intimate bar, and grab some lemonades (let-loose Friday!). I always keep an eye out for the best spot in the bar for kinoing and make-outs. Ideally you want a sofa. Those are taken. Instead, there’s a row of tables, with a bench on the wall side, and a chair on the other side of the table. I grab the bench, and she goes for the chair, but I tell her to come sit next to me. She complies, and seems pleased. Good.

We’re talking about relationships and stuff, I guess its kinda comfort sorta stuff, but bringing sex into the conversation must be getting her just a little heated. Side note: She tells me the one guy that she has desired above all others was fucking ugly. Guess that proves everything that game tells me. 

So how to play this? I need to get her back home. Her place is in the opposite direction to mine. I have little experience in getting girls back to my place for sex after a city date (normally they come to cook or watch a film for the date). The conversation goes like this:

Me: I’d like to show you some music.

Her: Where is this music? [She knew exactly what was going on]

Me: On my computer.

Her: Where is your computer?

Me: In my bedroom. [Poker face]

Its make or break time. What’s she gonna say? Turns out there’s no bullshit from her.

Her: I would like to come and have sex with you. But I want to know how you will feel afterward. I would like to be able to talk to you in the future.

So it turns out that she is fairly invested in me already. She’s identified me as a player on the first date, and I suspect she’s no stranger to casual sex, but doesn’t want to be a pump n dump. Little does she know I quite like this girl, and want to keep her around. I give her a bit of reassurance, and once we’re done with the drinks, we’re on the tram to my place. Once in, I give her a bit of time alone, trying to make her comfortable before I rip her clothes off. Probably not necessary, she’s already verbalised us fucking, but who knows.

After ten minutes she’s on my bed, naked. Fuck she has the nicest (fake) rack I’ve ever seen. Huge. Its basically better than sticking it in the vajayjay. But as I proceed to do just that, she throws a spanner in the works. I’m talking a bit dirty, when I sense that she’s as excited as she should be. Thirty seconds later, and she asks me (tells me) if she can leave.

WTF mate?

I did not expect that. Its not LMR. She wants out. She says she’s not at ease. I tell her she can go, and she starts putting her clothes on and asks me for the address so she can get a cab. I’m in shock. I’ve just had a beautiful woman, whom I genuinely want in my life agree to have sex with me, and then walk off at the moment. I’m a bit upset to say the least. I don’t get why this is going off, and the sudden about face is messing with my brain. Needless to say I don’t like it, I’m pissed and a little upset.

Hey. What are you doing? [Blank look from her]If you leave right now with no explanation, I will never talk to you again. [This is just what my brain was feeling, but I guess its a good PUA technique on a girl who’s invested in you]. 

So we talk for a while, and cos its cold, she hops into bed with me. Better. Really I don’t mind not getting the sex (tonight), but I won’t have her acting like a little kid, throwing a tantrum. She can talk to me like an adult. We talk for a while about this and that. At one point, she tells me I have a great body, and it seems like a good moment so start rubbing myself against her. It leads to the second best BJ of my life, and a little more chatter afterward. I’m happy with that.


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