The Italian Teacher – Part III

Part I and Part II here.

To finish off the story. We decide to hang out in her suburb, which I’ve never been to. When I arrive, she’s got sexy music playing and a candle lit, and my guess is she was ready to bang then and there. No game required. In the end though, we go to visit my friend, cos he lives nearby, and I’ve got cigars to drop into his humidor. Then we go for a ‘walk’, which lasts two minutes, and we’re back at her place, smashing box.

And they all lived happily after. Not much to say really.

Addendum: She said the reason she wanted to leave my place so suddenly (see Pt II) was that she didn’t like how I’d assumed she’d fuck me. Fair enough, and something to be aware of. A lot of PUAs teach ‘always’ rules, but there are always exceptions to those rules, and calibration will help that. In this case, its Always Assume The Sale. Some others: Always Approach, Always Escalate, Always Go For The Number (Never Eject). These are good rules for newbs, because they tend to under do things, but now that I’ve got a fair bit of experience, I’m going to break these rules as I see fit.


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