Date report

Went out with the second girl from this post

Firstly, to get it out of the way, she’d changed her hair. It was the hair that was the initial attractor for me, so a bit disappointing. Still, she’s very hot (about a 9), so I’m going to write up a report, for analysis. 

Over txt, she’s very nice, easy going. I keep it simple, cos I tend to fuck it up when I try to get too much out of txt. She’s putting a lot of effort into the messages, obviously invested. We go for a coffee, and then over to a bar for a ‘drink’ (like lemonade). She’s half an hour late, but apologetic, so I put it down to incompetence, not shit-testing. Still I make her wait at our meeting point, partially cos I run into marshall on the way over. A bit of attraction/banter and we head over to the cafe. 

She’s very talkative, and asks me a lot of questions. Good. I’m happy to let her talk, I guess the person doing the most talking is lower value? My attraction spikes don’t seem to hit that well, so I give up on them rather than make things awkward. She’s kinda serious, and I just rolled with that frame. Which I’m not really happy about, I’d rather be able to set my own frame as I pleased. I also get the feeling she works long hours, and doesn’t get out a whole lot. She doesn’t like bars, and I guess is a way inexperienced with guys compared to anyone else of her hotness (seriously, these sorts of girls must love daygamers… they just wouldn’t meet guys bar their social circle otherwise). 

Coffee’s over and she readily accepts bouncing to a bar. OK, good. In there, I start trying to head into deep rapport. My attraction spikes really aren’t working that well, so I’ve given up on them. We’re talking psychology and economics, and I’m worried that I came over as ‘nice intellectual guy’, rather than ‘dominant guy with some brains’ as I’d prefer. But we’re holding hands, and we kiss a couple of times. She doesn’t reject it, but also isn’t that into it. I don’t know what to make of it… its like she’s tolerating it, but hasn’t made up her mind about me yet. Is this because she’s so hot and doesn’t get won over as quickly as other girls… I don’t know. To be fair, I’m not as into her as I’d hoped either. I’d still like the lay though. 

We spend about 5 hrs together before I call it a night. At both venues she takes her time, doesn’t check her phone at all, and is really surprised by how late it is. Does this mean she’s enjoying herself? 

Finally, we walk out to the tram stops. At this point, she gives me a mild shit-test and I fuck up; the mild ones are always harder for me to spot. It goes like this.

Me: blabbering on about op shopping

Her: Don’t you think its weird to wear other people’s clothes. 

Me: No, because this, this and this (logical answer)

So I’ve entered her frame. And this was in the last few minutes of the date. I’m guessing the test was to decide whether to see me again, and I reckon coming so late in the day, that it’ll leave an impression with her. 

So the date is very 50/50. Its pointless to second guess all this shit, but will she see me again? My guess is probably not. Game plan is to wait a few days, then neg over txt. 


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