Nightgamin’ at the Lion and ABC

Pushed through some boundaries last night.

I headed out with julianwithana for some nightgame last night. We met at the clock, and I immediately spotted this tasty looking Asian chick (to rate her, about an 8, but she’s my type so I’m giving her a 9). I point her out, but she’s meeting a dude, so she’s filed away as ‘another girl I would love to bang’. We head out for some street game to warm up, which I find a bit hard cos I’m not feeling high energy. But julianwithana pushes me a bit, and does some nice sets himself – thank bud.

It starts raining so we roll up into ABC (having a chat with one of the MC security guards on the way – its good to know those guys!). Once in, I open this Aussie girl, and she hooks pretty easily. She’s on her way out, seems to have had a night out with ‘the IT crowd’ from work, and finds them decidedly less than fun. I shoulda told her to come hang with us, but she wasn’t all that. Its pretty dead in ABC to be fair. I talk to some dude from London – just trying to be social and establish some proof, to build my confidence up for when/if I solo nightgame. He’s big and well dressed, the popular, successful type. I tell him I HATE London (true), and he starts to think I’m ok. I’m finding the more I rag on these dudes, the more they accept me (I guess its an alpha male thing, kind of like being outcome independent with chicks).

I seem to get the come on from this Colombian chick, but I eject after a couple of minutes, kinda feeling that I’m getting blown out. I still treat nightgame sets like daygame, and it has its flaws. I’d love to be louder, higher energy, more spontaneous and less logical. Well there’s not a whole lot going on in ABC, so we head across to the lion, where shit improves.

I roll around, mainly talking to dudes, to establish some ‘friends’. Metalheads, bogans (yeah its really that sort of venue). They’re all drunk, and easy to meet. Fuck, dudes are coming up to me and highfiving me, later on someone buys me a beer. One bloke is pretty cool, as usual I rag on him, and he likes it. Then there’s a moment in the conversation which I’ll record cos I think its gonna be good to remember.

Dude: The ratio here is shit man, too many dudes.

Odin: Then talk to the girls behind you (two set)

Dude: Fuck off man, you’re taller, you do it.

Odin: Ok (surely the easiest way to get a guy on your side is to open some girls he’s too scared too. He’ll be impressed. Then bring him into set, and he’ll love you for it).

At least that’s what I wanted to happen. In reality, its this:

I go over to girls, some other drunk dancing dude knocks into me, I trip and hit the two set, they don’t seem impressed with me. Lol.

I start trying to open more sets on the dancefloor, but I’m a bit shit, not really doing it properly. So walking around the bar, who do I see but that Asian chick from the start of the night. She’s with the guy we saw her with earlier, and another girl – just sitting at a table. I’d really like this girl, maybe a bit too much, cos I let it get to me.

I tell Julianwithana she’s here, and when she stands up, with her friends still sitting down, it seems like a pretty easy open. It is. I stand so it seems like I’m talking to the whole group, but I’m next to target, and since its loud only she can hear me. Faux-isolation. Cool. Don’t remember the opener, it was probably Hello. Then some light teasing.

Odin: Where you from?

Her: China

Odin: Bullshit, you’re so Japanese. [she laughs] How come you’re not dancing? [She looks down] Come on lets go, [grab her hand and take her to the dancefloor].

Music is ultra gay, but pretty quickly she’s grinding on me, and we’re making out. When I saw her at the start of the night, I did not expect that! What I love about game is I get (chances with) the girls I want, not the girls that would have me.

There’s no happy ending (for me), she goes off after a while, then I see her with some Asian dude. Julianwithana and I discuss amoging tactics, but in the end not really bothered enough to try.

Fun night. Learning points:

  • Warm up with street game is essential for me
  • I had precisely half a beer all night (this is big for me, I used to be very dependent on booze when going out) which was when a random bought it for me.
  • I see how I can pull off solo-nightgame. I feel like it just over the horizon. I was such a quiet guy, that I could never imagine doing owning a club solo and sober. But I see how it works… open dudes, open girls, have fun, be social.
  • My nightgame is highly variable. I get put off easily… I need still need to do my best to stack the odds in my favour.

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