DG routines

I hesitate to call them routines… I still need to put in a bit of thought each time I run them. Which is a good thing. I prefer to stay away from fully canned material, even my own. Because:

  • Its bad for the soul (inner game)
  • Boring for (mainly) you, and also the girl
  • One of my major weaknesses coming into game was spontaneity. In that regard, canned routines are pouring water into a leaky bucket.

I prefer to think of these as framework to build my set around.

1a. You look like you’re from… 

You meet a clearly forgein girl, and the idea is to guess where she is from. You draw out the ‘you must be from’ statement, frowning a little bit, as if you’re thinking. Then follow up with a totally random country.

Eg. Girl is obviously asian

Odin: Jeez, you’re are so totally from… actually, i’m not sure… its gotta be Germany, right?

Girl: Huh? Germany. What? NO.

Odin: Nah, I can totally imagine you drinking a huge beer and wearing a skimpy dirndl outfit. Guten Tag!

Variation: guess a country that she could conceivably be – but probably isn’t – from. Make it one that you think she wouldn’t like to be associated with. For example, Jap girls love their pale skin. Tell her you think she’s Thai, because it looks like she spends a lot of time on the beach. Be playful, not insulting.

1b. So you just decided to come over to Australia to find out…

This is all playful stereotyping. You’re a well traveled, observant man. Looking at her facial features, skin condition, clothes, accessories, and walking style, you’ve identified that she’s French, from Brittany to be precise, without her opening her mouth. Exclaim that she must’ve come over here to find out whether our croissants are tasty, and what sort of coats we put on our dogs when taking them for a latte.

Example: Self explanatory.

2. Two things

Lately i’ve been trying to get the girl investing more. I’ve come up with this little method to make it easy for her to keep the conversation going, because I guess its a bit of a shock having a big dude accost on the street. The idea is to mention that there’s two things about a certain topic you want to discuss, and then get sidetracked on the first. Later, when the conversation is slowing (ie, you’re letting her invest), she can ask you what the second one is.


Odin: There’s two things I really hate about Christmas. Number 1: I just look absolutely horrible in red. Cannot pull it off to save me. I’m trying to figure out how red and green became the colours of Christmas. Obviously Christmas trees are green. Except if they’ve got snow on them. Then they’re white. Blah blah blah:

Girl: Blah blah blah blah blah

Girl: Hey, you never told me the second thing you hate about Christmas.

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Been in a massive rut lately. Really shit.

All of my regulars have slowly dropped out of rotation – various reasons:

  • China #1: Getting too attached, decided to let her down as gently as possible. Went ok.
  • China #2: WEnt overseas for a holiday, unsure of her status as she saw me on a date with another babe, and seems a bit (but not too much) pissed. Will reassess on her return.
  • Italy: Blew up in my face and said she didn’t want to see me again. Ever. Started txting me the next day, so she’ll probably come round.
  • Hong Kong: On a big holiday.

Yes I’m aware I need more non-Asians.

So no regular sex for the first time in a while. On top of that, I’ve had a string of shitty dates, not even getting makeouts. Two things that I’ve identified that are causing this:

  1. I’m too confident with my daygame? I am choosy with my daygame. Because my daygame is way better than my dategame, I struggle to convert dates to lays?
  2. My conversation on dates can be very boring. I jump around on topics all the time, cos I can’t let a single strand of conversation flow. This is a big socialising problem for me. I should be more present. To fix this, my new rule is that in any conversation, I won’t let myself jump around from between discrete topics. Continuity is key:

This is ok:

Me: How’s your day been?

Her: I went shopping and bought a new pair of jeans

Me: Cool, you get a bargain? [or anything about jeans, shopping, retail, something I just bought, etc, etc – basically letting it flow]

This isn’t:

Me: How’s your day been?

Her: I went shopping and bought a new pair of jeans

Me: Cool, so what music you into.

The above is a basic example. The idea is to never overtly change the topic. Think of it like a river. It can change direction slightly, but it can’t suddenly jump from one place to another. That’s the idea anyway.

Plugging the gaps in my daygame

Last update on my game here.

Firstly – nightgame. Best thing for me to do is just keep throwing myself into sets.

My daygame is full steam ahead. My model is going really well, but there’s still a few chinks in my armour, allowing girls to slip through. I’ll spend the next few months working on them. I reckon a few weeks on each item, and I should be grabbing 20% more numbers.

My daygame model

My daygame model

Ploughing: Upon getting into game, one thing became apparent: I’m a pushover. I lack persistence when it comes to persuading others. Ploughing is a battle of wills – a frame push if you will. She wants to go on with her day… you want her to keep talking to her. Time to strengthen my frame. I’m already making progress with this – see the first approach from this post

Charisma: Not sure how I’ll work on this one… maybe some public speaking videos. Maybe toastmasters. Maybe Roosh’s Seinfeld method.

Investing her: The idea is to get the girl to carry the conversation a bit more. I’ll need to make the conversation more constant (not jumping from topic to topic). Then let silences develop, and let the girl fill them.

Not taking responsibility for the N-close: Keep talking until she leaves or asks for my number. The idea is to really find out how much I’m making these girls like me. How much do they want me in their life?

Obviously the last two points will result in a dip in the number of closes I’m getting. That’s ok. I can always rustle up more numbers. Just like the weightlifter who drops down his weight to work on technique, the idea is to bounce back stronger than ever. This may result in a blow to the ego… but daygame = ego death. Its nothing I can’t handle.

What is holding me back?

Today I met an ex-colleague for lunch. I was five minutes early, so started chatting to a Chinese girl, then told her to come get a coffee with me at the place I was meeting my mate. Grabbed her number when he arrived. Later I headed off after work to see a psychologist, and on my way back to the city, caught up with a couple wings. On the way I did an approach, girl turned out to be bitchy. With my wings, I did two approaches that went nowhere (first I wasn’t interested, second I ejected, wasn’t in the right headspace). We ran into Comatose, and whilst chatting one of my wings pointed out a flaunty blonde. Grabbed her number – too easy. 2s later saw a lovely Pakistani girl, and took her number, with a couple of tradies watching. Again, easy.

So six sets and three numbers, barely going out of my way to approach either. I can’t date that many girls.

Still I’m not getting laid as much as I should be.

Why? Approaching and number closing is not a problem for me (nightgame a different story, lets focus on daygame for the moment). The girls usually respond to my first txt (at least 90%). I come across sexual, I doubt I’m getting friend zoned. But somewhere between txting and f-closing I am losing girls. Where (at what stage) do these girls disappear off my radar.

The solution isn’t getting more numbers. The solution is working smarter. Figuring out my weaknesses, and sorting them out. Some ideas:

  • Txting… sometimes I try to do much, and lose the set
  • Bad logistics for first date. Ie She’s down to meet, but our schedules don’t align. I’m wary of seeming to needy, so I don’t push that hard (knowing that I can always get more numbers makes me put very little effort into meeting a girl I barely know… thats good and bad… its like an overabundance mentality!). So I’ll pursue a bit harder.
  • Shit date game. A big one for me I reckon, and will take a lot of work to improve. Probably fixed not through more dates but through just being more personable, more time being social. IE lots of time and effort to make up for 20 years of not being social.
  • Not putting enough effort in pursuing girls that I had an ‘only OK’ first date with (particularly when they’re just a quick coffee… I shouldn’t judge girls’ receptiveness after only an hour).

Would be great to get more feedback with my dategame. Escalate too fast? Too logical? Too boring? Not enough edge to my personality (ie too agreedable… nice guy syndrome). I don’t know.

I’ll start a spreadsheet to track my stats for every girl I close, to see at what point I don’t get laid the most. Maybe I’ll make a cool pie chart or something.

Worker smarter, not harder. Figure out your weaknesses and train them to be strengths. Words to live by.

I’d like to know other guys (at the same daygame level… roughly a strong intermediate) number to full close conversion ratio. I’ve had 6 daygame closes. Been daygaming for about 6 months. If we say on average 2.5 numbers per week , that is about 75 numbers. So my conversion rate is 1 in 12? TBH, I was expecting it to be higher, at least 1 in 20. I’ve probably taken way more than 75 numbers all up.