Plugging the gaps in my daygame

Last update on my game here.

Firstly – nightgame. Best thing for me to do is just keep throwing myself into sets.

My daygame is full steam ahead. My model is going really well, but there’s still a few chinks in my armour, allowing girls to slip through. I’ll spend the next few months working on them. I reckon a few weeks on each item, and I should be grabbing 20% more numbers.

My daygame model

My daygame model

Ploughing: Upon getting into game, one thing became apparent: I’m a pushover. I lack persistence when it comes to persuading others. Ploughing is a battle of wills – a frame push if you will. She wants to go on with her day… you want her to keep talking to her. Time to strengthen my frame. I’m already making progress with this – see the first approach from this post

Charisma: Not sure how I’ll work on this one… maybe some public speaking videos. Maybe toastmasters. Maybe Roosh’s Seinfeld method.

Investing her: The idea is to get the girl to carry the conversation a bit more. I’ll need to make the conversation more constant (not jumping from topic to topic). Then let silences develop, and let the girl fill them.

Not taking responsibility for the N-close: Keep talking until she leaves or asks for my number. The idea is to really find out how much I’m making these girls like me. How much do they want me in their life?

Obviously the last two points will result in a dip in the number of closes I’m getting. That’s ok. I can always rustle up more numbers. Just like the weightlifter who drops down his weight to work on technique, the idea is to bounce back stronger than ever. This may result in a blow to the ego… but daygame = ego death. Its nothing I can’t handle.


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