DG routines

I hesitate to call them routines… I still need to put in a bit of thought each time I run them. Which is a good thing. I prefer to stay away from fully canned material, even my own. Because:

  • Its bad for the soul (inner game)
  • Boring for (mainly) you, and also the girl
  • One of my major weaknesses coming into game was spontaneity. In that regard, canned routines are pouring water into a leaky bucket.

I prefer to think of these as framework to build my set around.

1a. You look like you’re from… 

You meet a clearly forgein girl, and the idea is to guess where she is from. You draw out the ‘you must be from’ statement, frowning a little bit, as if you’re thinking. Then follow up with a totally random country.

Eg. Girl is obviously asian

Odin: Jeez, you’re are so totally from… actually, i’m not sure… its gotta be Germany, right?

Girl: Huh? Germany. What? NO.

Odin: Nah, I can totally imagine you drinking a huge beer and wearing a skimpy dirndl outfit. Guten Tag!

Variation: guess a country that she could conceivably be – but probably isn’t – from. Make it one that you think she wouldn’t like to be associated with. For example, Jap girls love their pale skin. Tell her you think she’s Thai, because it looks like she spends a lot of time on the beach. Be playful, not insulting.

1b. So you just decided to come over to Australia to find out…

This is all playful stereotyping. You’re a well traveled, observant man. Looking at her facial features, skin condition, clothes, accessories, and walking style, you’ve identified that she’s French, from Brittany to be precise, without her opening her mouth. Exclaim that she must’ve come over here to find out whether our croissants are tasty, and what sort of coats we put on our dogs when taking them for a latte.

Example: Self explanatory.

2. Two things

Lately i’ve been trying to get the girl investing more. I’ve come up with this little method to make it easy for her to keep the conversation going, because I guess its a bit of a shock having a big dude accost on the street. The idea is to mention that there’s two things about a certain topic you want to discuss, and then get sidetracked on the first. Later, when the conversation is slowing (ie, you’re letting her invest), she can ask you what the second one is.


Odin: There’s two things I really hate about Christmas. Number 1: I just look absolutely horrible in red. Cannot pull it off to save me. I’m trying to figure out how red and green became the colours of Christmas. Obviously Christmas trees are green. Except if they’ve got snow on them. Then they’re white. Blah blah blah:

Girl: Blah blah blah blah blah

Girl: Hey, you never told me the second thing you hate about Christmas.

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