One to tell the grandkids

This took place on Christmas Eve.

I was daygaming solo, around the city. I haven’t been out a whole lot really, so was dealing with some minor AA – the first time I’d had that in a while. My current methods for dealing with any AA are:

  • Have a fun wing to hang out with
  • Only approach girls that you feel the magnetic pull with. Don’t bother with girls you need to talk yourself into approaching.

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any girls that I NEED to talk to. So I do a couple of half hearted approaches that go nowhere. I’m really not in the mood to be running around doing full on Yad stops, I’m a little bit low energy; that’s ok.

I spot a short Asain girl coming round the corner, and open her directly, without the need to run after her. Its a fun set, she’s easy to vibe with, innocent but outgoing at the same time. In fact its so much fun that by the time I take her number, I realise I haven’t used any of the usual gambits that usually prop up my daygame. I’m still working on her, might follow up with another post as she’s interesting.

So my state is a bit higher after that, and I spot a tall, elegant Asian girl with long long hair. I open her, and she’s interested, submissive and hooks easily. She jujst accepts from the get go that I am going to chat her up on the street. Annoyingly, a banker comes up to her to say Hello, and she says she needs to go into his bank to get a brochure, but she would like to talk some more. She says she’ll just be a minute, so I grab her number and suggest we get a coffee then and there. B ut it was a very short set, and I’m not sure if she’s actually gonna be keen for the coffee once the short attraction has worn off (had no time to build any rapport). I’m waiting outside the bank for about 10 min, and she’s a no show, so I decide to walk off and keep approaching.

My phone rings and its the Asian girl; she’ s outside the bank and can’t find me, but she still wants to meet. So I find her, and we go for a milkshake. Whilst we’re chatting, she tells me that she’s a full time model and actress. 10 seconds of internet stalking at home later on tells me she’s a minor celebrity in her home country. I figure attraction is already built, so the instadate is mainly rapport and comfort. I shou;da injected more of a sexual vibe though. Still, when her friends call to find out when she can meet them, she tells them ‘she’s busy with someone’. Eventually I need to go meet one of my regular girls, so I say goodbye and run off.

I’m pretty stoked to have been on an instadate with a girl of her standing. Its the sort of story I could tell my AFC friends and they would think I’m making shit up.

Lessons learned: Even when your struggling, keep flipping over stones because you never know what you’ll uncover.


2 comments on “One to tell the grandkids

  1. Stick it out and you’ll be surprised what happens. Couldn’t tell you how many of my stories start with me getting one more drink or making one more approach.

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