I finally tap a Korean

My favourite seductions are always those with a time constraint.

In this case, I met a Korean girl out on Swanston St on Wednesday… by no means a total stunner, but a solid set of legs. She was only in town until Friday arvo, and was spending Thursday on the Great Ocean Road, so you could say that this one was not gonna be easy. Its the first set I’ve managed to successfully records and I’m gonna put it up when I sort out some technical difficulties.

I have a history with Korean girls. I’ve dated three of them, had what seemed like pretty killer Day 2s, but then never even gotten a single kiss (despite one of the girls coming back to my place, and letting me massage her ass). Its gotten to the point that I’m really getting frustrated with Koreans. But I digress.

We had a really long instadate – like 6 hrs or something. Coffee, food, beers, cocktails. I was really enjoying her company, and happy to spend a bit of money and time on some lavish venues (to be fair she paid for most of it) I got rejected on the kiss many many times, but it was clearly on, and eventually she relented. I was even thinking about going for the single day lay – I reckon it coulda happened if

a) she didn’t have to get up at 6am the next morning OR

b) I had an apartment in the CBD

So I send her off to her hostel, and go home myself. We’ve made no plans to meet up again, but she did promise to send me some pics of the GOR, and I was gonna take it from there.

Picture the scene – I’m sitting in my office trying to concentrate on some coding, but I’m just wondering whether I can pull this off. I really enjoy it, the excitement, the not knowing whether the stars are gonna align and I’m gonna bang, or go home empty handed (somehow I feel thats not the expression I ought to be using!)

Well she sends me some photos over txt, and I suggest we hang out when she’s back from the GOR – that evening. Her flight’s the next day so its  now or never. Around 8.30pm we meet up – she’s looking fantastic – and grab a beer and some chow on Degreaves St. Once were done I tell her I’m gonna show her some tunes at my place, and she’s clearly a little uncertain; when we arrive there she even tells me she’s gonna run off. But I didn’t understand her, which leads to the perfect non-reactive-ness to her shit test.

Once inside its Standard Operating Procedure. Get her a  drink, chill out for five minutes with my flat mate and leave her alone, show her some of my shit, and then go for it. She seems to really like me, but I’ve never seen so much token LMR. Seriously, its the never ending story! Fuck me! I’m not really good at dealing with LMR – I never use the prescribed PUA techniques cos they feel weird to me, but instead I just give her more comfort and tell her stories where I’ve taken risks and had cool adventures to tell. The whole evening she’s been telling me how she wants to do more things outside her comfort zone, but finds it hard… so I play off that. I think some of the material I came up with was pretty good – I wish I could remember it – and other things I said fell flat on its face. Its all a matter of time and siege tactics, eventually she weakens and I get my Korean flag.

Prepare the siege machines!

I drive her back to the city, and go home, hoping that my (homo) flat mate is gonna be up for a celebratory nightcap (seems like he  laid a new guy that night). Sadly, he’s not around, must be spooning, so I have a rum on my own. Life’s hard sometimes.

Really lovely girl, she sings for me after the sex (she used to be a singer). We caught up for brunch the next day, and if she was living here I’d like her to be one of my main girls for sure. I wish her all the best!

Pretty happy with this week… banged another new girl on Monday (though really nothing to write home about – she was below the Danno-standard (TM), not to mention gagging for it). Hopefully I can get the hat trick.


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