Daygame – James Bond Style

My spycam has finally arrived from Hong Kong, and I’ve been playing around with it over the last two weeks. Video and audio are fine, it tends to be a bit too close up, which isn’t doing the girls any favours – but hey, what they don’t know what hurt them!

First things first, I highly recommend all daygamers to start recording sets. If you’re serious about getting good, its a godsend. Cheap, easy to use, and I was really surprised by how much I’m learning from analysing my own videos (once I got over my hatred of hearing my own voice). Things like:

  • voice tone and speed
  • the way certain lines come across (quite different to what I expected)
  • how long I’m spending in set, and how long and how often I’m spending on comfort/attraction/whatever
  • the girls reactions to all of the above
  • parts where I fucked up and the girl would leave, or where the girl wanted to move on and I recovered

Here’s the set from the Korean I banged last Thursday. Its pretty straightforward, she clearly hasn’t had anyone to talk to all day, so I just jumped straight into comfort once she hooked. Any feedback appreciated.

Addendum: Learned some interesting shit from debriefing her post lay

  • She was wary of me right up until she rejected me on the first kiss and I kept talking to her like nothing happened. That’s when she decided that I genuinely liked her (and I did)
  • She made a joke that I must pick up girls all the time on the street, and then quickly apologised saying “Of course I know you don’t do that”

Yeah, I never pick up girls on the street. That would be weird. Only weirdo PUAs do that. Weirdos.


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