Goals for 2014

2013 was a big year of change for me. Like many guys getting started in the community, I’ve experienced the wild ride of the daygame rollercoaster. Life will not be the same again. I’ve spent January thinking about where I’d like to go in 2014. I didn’t want these to be rash decision made at 11:30 on NYE after 3 bottles of wine, so I’ve taken my time to think about them, and how I’ll go about achieving them.

Fitness: Get a 6 pack. This is my vain, fun goal for 2014. How to go about it: I don’t think this one will be as hard as I’d originally thought. I more or less stopped drinking about two or three months ago, and looking in the mirror, I’m not too far off a six pack already. I work out three to four times and week, and rock climb as well. I’ll add some more core specific stuff to my routines. I’ll also look into my diet a bit more. I eat well, but not totally sure exactly what I should be aiming for in terms of carbs/protein/etc, so I’ll talk to a guy I know who is a nutritionist and has the same goal for some advice. The diet that a lot of fitness guys reccomend seems to be all protein, and I don’t think this would be good for me… I think I’d lose energy without some carbs in there.

Girls: Originally I was planning on setting myself the goal of sleeping with twenty new women in 2014. However, I don’t want to always be chasing that next lay. That leads to a dark life and a lot of putting up with subpar women. I’m also opening myself up to the idea of a relationship again, so I’m not convinced that this is the right girl for me. I’ll keep thinking about where I want to go with this one.

I would like to integrate women and daygame into my life. This means talking to, say 10 new girls a week without going out of my way (ie not doing marathon daygame sessions). I pass through the cbd every day, so this shouldn’t be hard for me to do. Its all mindset, and being ready to pull the trigger and approach without a moment’s hesitation.

Social Circle: I would like to greatly expand my social circle. If there is one thing I can accomplish in 2014, this is it! I have a bunch of friends, but they’re all scattered. They don’t know each other, and I don’t belong to a group that goes out and does shit together. So I’d to develop a group of guys and girls to do shit with more often. Not really sure how to go about this one. (I do realise I’m a bit of an introvert, and I’m cool with that. I might never be the ultimate popular alpha dude, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement).

I know some guys who are great at making connections with people wherever they go. Social networking if you will. I’d jealous of their ability. The two key things that these guys have in common is that they are confident, and they are interested in what other people have to say. Thats a good starting point.

Introspection: I’ve been doing some introspection lately and realised that I have some personal issues that I need to deal with. You could call it inner game problems. I suspect that this will be the hardest goal for me to achieve, because I find these issues elusive. The two big issues that I want to work on:

1. I still feel that I don’t deserve some of the top tier girls. This is, IMO, ridiculous.

2. I have issues with other peoples success (its difficult for me to come to terms with this). Though I’m glad when my friends achieve somehow, there’s also a bitter side to me, where I feel that that there success somehow subtracts from my own achievements. This is a pretty toxic characteristic.

Finance: I don’t earn a whole lot, now that I’m back at uni. I’m very happy if I can save $100 a week. But I do have a fair bit of money saved up, which I should be doing more with. Lately I’ve been being stressing about money a lot – this is not good for my happiness and vibe. So my finance goals for 2014 are

1. Learn about personal finance, do the most with my savings that I can.

2. Improve my budgeting, so that I’m spending less than I earn each week, whilst still enjoying the lifestyle I’m accustomed too. Ultimately, I don’t want to stress over money. I want to reduce my spending on the ‘fundamentals’ of my life so that, when I do want to spend big on a holiday or a big night out, then I don’t need to worry about finding the cash for it. I don’t mind being poor, but I do not want extra stress in my life (my PhD gives me enough of that already).

3. (Optional) Find additional income streams. I have some ideas for this, I’ll flesh them out in the future. Probably some lair guys can tell me if they’re worth pursuing, or just pipe dreams.

Lifestyle: I want to travel overseas twice this year. Its been ages since I went anywhere. I’ve already booked a flight to Korea, so thats a good start. My parents live in India at the moment, so I’m keen to head over there later in the year.

I also want to improve my public speaking. How to go about it? Give talks on my research at uni. Join toastmasters.

I’m going to go into more detail with each of these goals in the future.


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