I find some nightgame ideas that stick

I’m not real good at getting outside my head. I overthink everything I do. The long term solution is to get outside my head. A short term solution is this. There’s three videos down the page. Watch them. In summary, its all about intense eye contact, getting in a girl’s face, and subtle kino that makes a set sexual, without letting anyone else know whats going on. At the same time, you can talk about whatever boring shit you want. In fact, getting sexual verbally at the same time as being physically sexual is not recommended. So its good for me, because I can be my low energy, natural self, whilst giving girls this intense eye contact, and warming them up that way.

I didn’t realise that eye contact could be used that powerfully. Previously I’d just been making sure that I held it longer than the girl. So I tried out those Gambler techniques on Tuesday, and the effect was powerful. Fun! I could see the girl’s getting nervous, playing with hair and jewelry, whilst their eyes would lock with mine and spazz out. Really cool for creating a bubble.

Anyway, I was out on Friday night with some of the boys. First venue, I start talking to a mixed two set. Guy is Korean, girl is Japanese. They’re nice. Their English is terrible. Really terrible.

Me: What. Do You (points). Think. Of Melbourne? (indicates).

Her/Him: I am from Melbourne???


The girl is well into me – its in the eyes – and the guy is nice but in the way. I tell them I’m going to find my friends. The guy turns away, and the girl just keeps looking at me, deep in the eyes. Thats a nice way to isolate. I lead her away from her friends, but still feel I’m not isolated enough to make out, so decide I’ll wait until later. So I talk to the guys for a bit, and then notice that some other Aussie guy is trying to chat up my Japanese girl. I pussy out on the AMOGing, but though he seems to be doing well, he eventually fucks off. So I go back in, isolate, and find she is not up for making out (with me). Nuts.

Eventually we find ourselves at long room. Its late, and disapointly, the calibre of girls is low. Before I get into my field report, I want to talk about the guys in long room. It seems to me that long room is full of mature aged, ripped, rich beta dudes, who have no idea how to pick up girls. This is in comparison to other bars like the Royal Saxon, which are full of poor, but cool, attractive, surfer type dudes, who definitely don’t wear suits. They may not be experts in game, but I reckon they offer far more competition to me than the rich guys in Long Room, whose sole tactics seem to be buying girls drinks and pulling off chodey dance moves. Embarrassing.

A year ago I would’ve thought these rich guys had it all. Little did I know.

Further, in Long Room, I always seem to get IOIs from girls that are their with a boyfriend. I wonder if its because they get with these guys for their marriage potential, but deep down, they’re more attracted to the surfer type dudes from the Royal Saxon who aren’t pussies around women.

Approach 1: Indian looking girl dancing with some friends. I grab her, and she immediately gets in my face and starts rubbing up against me. I go for the kiss very quickly (sub 30s), but she pulls away. She then kisses me  extremely briefly and walks back to her friends, not to be heard from again. Did I escalate too quickly here, or did I save myself from wasting my time with a girl who wouldn’t have been up for it at any point?

Approach 2: I lock eyes with a girl in a green dress, whose with her friend. I beckon her over, and she’s not the typical Long Room type. She’s too young, and somehow doesn’t seem as made up as the other girls in there.  More like a uni student. My mate distracts her friend, whilst I work on her. This set goes well – we talk about some boring bullshit while I stroke her back and get in her face, eventually going for the make out, which she’s enthusiastic about. In the end, either my girl, or my mates girl, gives the girl code for I wanna get out of here, and that’s that. I’m not sure who screwed it up, it may have been me as I was getting more aggressive with my girl. It doesn’t matter.

Approach 3: Stunning, tall half German, half Chinese girl. She wins the award for stunner of the evening. She was my height (pretty tall), and exquisitely dressed. Should escalated but pussied out despite the liquid courage I’d had… she was that hot.

Approach 4: Was fun. Some Indian looking girl who turned out to be married. My game was solid here. I teased her on being really posh and British, and asked her if she’d been drinking tea all evening. There was a lot of attraction here, but she was determined to stick to her vows, so I left her alone. Fun set.

There were a few more sets, but nothing worth writing about.


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