Night out with a redhead

Went out with a girl that I’d met down at ABC on a Thursday night sometime ago. She’s tall, leggy, slim, (and also ginger*). Despite her looks and height, she seems pretty nervous, and not used to guys hitting on her (more on this later).

So we meet up, and she’s really nervous. I’m feeling kinda nervous myself – I haven’t been out lately, and tall girls still intimidate me a little. On a whim, I’ve decided we’ll get some chow from a ramen joint (neither of us know what ramen is, but it turns out to be pretty good!), and then head over to E55 for some beverages. She needs to get up at 5am the next morning, so she says she’s only going to have 1 drink.

So whilst we’re having that 1 drink (though it turns into two), she drops the bombshell that no aspiring pua looking for a fast lay wants to hear:

Me: what are your friends like?
Her: I mostly hang out with people from church.
Me: Oh yeah
Her: Wow, lol, the look on your face! (Guess I didn’t conceal that well).

In fact, she says the Lord wants her look for a husband. So she doesn’t get out a whole lot, doesn’t meet many guys. Explains why she’s so nervous. The good thing is this makes it easy to impress her (she says we have a connection). The down side is I’m getting cockblocked by the Lord.

Overall, we had a good time together. I was a bit intimidated by her height, and so sometimes I didn’t articulate myself very eloquently. I want to work on that. By the end of the night, we were holding hands, and the evening had a pretty intimate feel to it, but she definitely wasn’t up for making out. Its not totally clear, but I think sex before marriage is not on for her. Nonetheless, she’s chill and I wouldn’t mind adding her to the social circle.

Things to work on
Need to increase composure around those hot, intimidating, tall girls. Even a couple of hours in to the date, I couldn’t really relax. This is also a problem for me when speaking in larger groups. In the future, I’m gonna socialise a lot more, to all sorts of people, and just practicing relaxing, being present, and saying whatever comes to mind without thinking about it. In that respect, analyzing what I’m saying from a pua perspective may be hurting me. Time to stop worrying whether I”m building enough rapport, need to spike attraction, blah blah blah.

*This fact is important, not because I”m particularly keen on redheaded girls, but because one of my friends has made it his mission to sleep with a girl with red hair this year (or possibly by April, I don’t recall). Its always satisfying to beat people at their own game. Competition is good for productivity buddy! :P


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