Stuck in a rut

Pick up wise, this year hasn’t been that fun for me. It started off with a bang (another one for you Brok), with me taking home two new girls in the first few days of the year.

Since then: nothing (bar some BJs off a girl that wouldn’t sleep with me if I wasn’t gonna commit). Its really dampened my enthusiasm for hitting the the streets. On top of that, when I have gone out to meet women, I’ve been getting lots of flakes.

Compare that to last year: Daygame really fun and novel – sometimes confronting too. Getting numbers frequently, and very rarely getting flakes. Sleeping with a new girl every few weeks. In short: Exciting and new

I feel that its my date-game that is letting me down.

Its damned frustrating, and its turning into a negative feedback loop:

Not getting laid on dates ——> Lack of enthusiasm for daygame ——> Girls sensing that I’m not that keen on them ——> Flakes

Throughout my life, there has been a theme of me becoming reasonably competent at my hobbies (skate boarding, climbing, making beer) during the ‘newbie gains’ phase, and then giving up at the first plateau. \

This will not be one of those times. I need to snap out of it, put in the hard yards, and overcome this.

How to do get that daygame vigour back? I suspect a couple of lays with some exotic foreign birds would do it.


2 comments on “Stuck in a rut

  1. I went through the exact same thing you are describing above in January and February. It’s extremely difficult to to bounce back from a negative downward spiral. The epiphany I got out of this long series of negative emotions is that happiness must come from within. You can’t rely on getting laid with exotic foreign birds for getting out of the spiral. Its very esoteric, but you need to start within. Maybe take a 1-2 week break and do activities you enjoy. This will get positive emotions going. Personally this helped me a ton. The other thing that really helped me is self amusement. Go out with the intent to game yourself through “fucking with the girl” with jokes etc. I’ve transformed my game by doing this. This has created a huge spiral of positive emotions.

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