A new accomplishment

I’ve been really excited to update this journal after recent happenings. Life has been getting in the way of doing any writing however, as I’ve started trainng Jiu Jitsu in the morning before going to the office, and doing night (and weekend) classes, so I’m pressed for time.

Last week I posted that I’ve been having a bit of a bad time with daygame. Getting flakes, and not feeling the enthusiasm for hitting the streets and meeting some women. I’m happy to report that things are now looking again.

Did about 15 sets in the last week, and closed 8 of them, which is excellent. Also solid sets with cute girls that I’m looking forward to getting to know, however its not really possible for me to date 8 different girls; some will have to get the cut. 😦

Anyway, there’s one set from Thursday’s session that I wanted to post up, as I accomplished something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.

I’m out with a mate, and the daygame session gets off to a false start. I see this tall, leggy girl with the curly hair that my friends know I love; there is no stopping me, I know I need to approach (Fact 1). She’s waiting at the same traffic lights as me, and glances over at me a couple of time (Fact 2). As she finishes crossing the roads, I run over to approach, but she gives me an instant dismissal.

Considering facts 1 and 2, it seems that I’ve probably approached her before.

My wing and I wander over to Bourke St… to be hoenst, I’m choding out a bit, feeling the appraoch anxiety for the first time in a while, and time is running out before I need to get to a class. Then I spot a friendly looking Asian girl, taking her time on the streets and ambling around. Basically she’s giving the impression that she’ll be an easy stop, and a good warm up set.

Once in set, I find her English is terrible, and I’m not performing the best either. Thoughts of ejecting enter my mind, but I force myself to stay with it. She doesn’t seem to fully hook, and the vibe is friendly, not man to woman. But she’s showing no sign of moving off, so I’m wondering whether I should I take the number or hit the instadate? There are advantages to both. Then I remember two important facts

a) I’ve been planning on buying a boost juice, and
b) We are chatting not 20m from a Boost store

I have a degree in maths, so I put two and two together, and tell her to come get a juice with me. That’s using the ol’ noggin!

Once I’ve got my juice, I figure I may as well take her up to Croft Lane, to see the street art. There’s heaps of cool lanes around China Town to explore as a quick little date with a girl. Its great for foreign girls, who get to see a bit more of the world of Melbourne. So we’re checking out the graffiti, and a thought come into my mind. I’ve been with this girl for about 15min. She’s not IOIing, or giving me a strong gaze, but she seems compliant and has shown no signs of not wanting to continue the interaction. Its time for me to push things and go for my first street kiss close. There’s no one else in the alley, so I grab her hand, put my other hand on her lower back, and gently pull her in. Fully expecting her to pull back, I go for the kiss, and she’s into it. Yes! A new first for me. We make out a bit more, and then I need to head off to class, so we go our separate ways. I’m on a high, and that’s lucky cos it keeps me awake during me 3hr Energy Economics lecture (yawn).

Going from being complete strangers, to making out in the middle of the day, in sub 20minutes, is amazing for me. But it must be even crazier for the girl. I wonder what she’s thinking when she went back to her day? She’s going about her day, maybe buying some groceries, and out of the blue, some dude unexpectedly whisks her off to an alley for a mini sexual adventure. Must fry the brain circuits a little.


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