More fun daygaming

Damn, I’m heading off to Korea on Friday, and I really wanna get up to date before that. Lots of writing to do.

Saturday I woke up and was a bit hungover. I had to meet a girl at 11am, and since it was 10.30 by the time I made it out of bed, I clearly wasn’t gonna make that. Told her I was gonna be late, got my shit together and jumped on a tram. Funnily enough, there was a cute looking Malay girl on the tram, so I decided to say hello. My voice was super deep from last night’s boozing, and she must have dug it, cos I was getting some good eye spazzing off her. We both jumped off at Flinders St, where I was meeting my girl (C, from the last post). I took the Malay girl’s number. Thankfully C did not see that happen.

Hung out with C for a while. We ate some Korean and saw an exhibition, which was fun for both of us, but not worth writing about. Next it was time to start daygaming. I met up with one dude, then another and another, our group progressively getting larger til there was five of us. Quite a few new guys as well, and all seemed like nice chaps that I hope to get a beer in the future. I did not get much time to hang out with them, as you will soon see.

So the first set of the day (besides girl-on-tram) was some Asian girl that I’d seen wandering around earlier in the day and thought was cute. When I approached, she didn’t hook, so I met up with the group again, and we started walking down Swanston. Soon, we passed Super-Hot-Frenchie, whose looks were pulling me over to her like a magnet. My better friends on this forum will know why:

That hair! I'll take three

That hair! I’ll take three, thanks

Eventually she hooks, and I move her over to the side of the street. We’re chatting away, and the girl says she’s just arrived in Melbourne, and is only here for two more days, both of which are taken up with trips to some of Victoria’s better tourist attractions. ‘Ok’, I think, ‘better instadate’. So we grab a take away coffee from Babsies (Brother Baba’s) and wander up to my favourite laneway for quick daygame kiss closing. Which is exactly what I do.

These are some of my favourite things

These are some of my favourite things

I lead her round the city, with her telling me about growing up on a farm, interspersed with the occaisional make out. After a quick drink at a reggae bar, she wants to take a nap at her hostel, and I wanna rest up for another date that evening (which goes nowhere).

I don’t manage to see her again, and I’m not sure if that’s due to over escalation or just her busy schedule.

I wonder if other pick up dudes have lists of girls that they didn’t bang but would’ve loved to. I certainly do. On that list, this girl comes in at No. 2 (after the Miss China winner I instadated a while back). Goddamn it!


More Tales From Swanston St

I’m really into exotic girls, and after reading my super dooper new daygame book (by My Nick Krauser), I’ve been inspired to try and get a muslim girl. I believe the sentence that inspired me goes something like this:

I used to believe I couldn’t pick up Muslim girls. Then I banged a couple of them, and I realised I should do it more often

Or something. 

I’ve seen a few cute such girls around, but didn’t have the balls to approach. Then, when I’m out on Thursday with Verity, one ambles past. There hadn’t been many girls out that I was keen on, so despite Verity giving me an odd look, I thought:

Fuck it, I’m goin’ in.

I went kinda direct (in hindsight maybe not a great ploy), and just as I was getting my opener out (‘ you look great in this dress’), someone slaps me on the arse with a book. Out of the corner of my eye, I see who it is. It is C, from my last entry. It would be better if she didn’t see me daygaming other girls. Bugger. Furthermore, I am standing in the exact same spot that I approached C in, outside her uni. Fuck. 

C keeps walking, and I turn my attention back to the Muslim chick. At this point headscarf’s like ‘wtf mate?’, and walks off as quickly as possible. 

Not the greatest of outcomes. 

To cut a long story short, C calls me late the next day, and wants to catch up that weekend. We eat korean and I feel her up in an alleyway. Pervert. 

Stay tuned, for more TALES… OF… A DAYGAME NOOB

I clack another massuese

I already posted about this girl – lets call her Blue. She’s a tall girl from Hong Kong that I daygamed one afternoon before class, and kiss closed very quickly (sub 20min). She works as a massuese and her English is fucking terrible. I was kinda expecting her to flake due to the very quick escalation, but in the end, things worked out.

Over txt she says she’s not free until a Saturday that is over a week away (she works six days a week, until 9pm usually, she says). When that Saturday rolls around, she says she’ll be free after 10pm. I call her then, but she doesn’t answer my call. I’m not surprised at all, though I’m not too bothered because I’ve had another girl (call her C) in my bed that evening. So I decide it’ll be more efficient to find new girls than to bother with her, and that’s that.

A week later, C has taken me out for dinner, cos she’s nice like that. Side note: I find out that yes, squid tentacles and ox tongue are delicious. I’m trying to stuff C in a taxi and take her back to mine, but she wants to get a cocktail and go home to rest or some shit. I suspect if i’d been more dominant I coulda gotten away with it, but then Blue messages me:

I’m at the lion, come and meet me

A msg this late at night, from this girl can only mean one thing. Suddenly I’m not that bothered about C coming home with me. So we grab a cocktail real quick, and I bail to the Lion. She’s waiting for me next to the door, and introduces me to her two friends. One has a boyfriend, and the other seems to be super keen for some Australian cock. I take my girl over to the dancefloor, and start escalating very quickly. She’s horny. Soon I’m fingering her, and its looking like the happy ending will come my way.

Then things go badly. Her friends want to dance, and we have to mind their stuff, so I can’t extract. Her English is shit, and there’s not much to talk about. As the night gets later, the mood disappears, and I go home alone (but not before running into some of the lair lads).

A few days later I msg her again, but there’s no response.  I try again a couple of days later, and again nothing. So once more I assume the trail has gone cold.

Then I’m out daygaming with Verity*, when I get a msg from her saying she’s in the city and we should get dinner. I txt her back to see if she’s alone or with friends, and its the former. The following day is a public holiday so I know she’s not working. Seems like a sure thing.

And it is. We grab some ramen, and the conversation goes like this:

Me: Lets get some wine

Her: Where?

Me: My place

Her: Your place? (uncertain look)

Me: If you’re lucky I’ll show you a bar on the way.

Her: No. Your place is ok.


Back to my place. Banged. Got my massage afterward**.

Dramatic re-enactment

Learning points: 

  • Street kiss close is possible.
  • Dominance can overcome a language barrier
  • Gaming FOBs is very different to gaming white girls. After banging a few of them, I’m starting to get the hang of it.

*Funny thing happened here that I will post about later.

**Funnily enough I’d wanted to get a massage on my lunch break that day, but there aren’t any good places near my office.


Girls love to be taken on a journey. They thrive on feelings and thoughts, not on facts and figures like most guys.

Back when I was in high school, I always lent toward the analytical subjects – physics, maths and chemistry. Nonetheless, I was never too shabby in my English classes -in particular, I used to really enjoy creative writing. After spending seven years at uni learning about Mises’s stress, and the laws of gravitation, any creative ability has been firmly knocked out of me. A real shame, because I’ve found that its a great item to have in your daygame toolbox.

So lately, I’ve been trying to inject some visual imagery into my daygame sets, with occasional success. Some examples:

It must be exciting for you to discover such a foreign city. I felt the same when I moved to Sweden. All of a sudden, you’re in this huge, new world. I remember wandering around Stockholm, getting lost amongst the imposing skyscrapers, and sprawling streets. Everything is new. As you walk around, you overhear snippets of a language you don’t quite understand, and smell foods that you’ve never experienced. You feel the ebb and flow of the local people, from a culture far different to from own. I imagine you feel like a little girl, lost in world that is much bigger than you are. And its exciting, because in this new city, no one knows who you are. You are free to be whoever you like, to create a new identity for yourself.


One of my favourite memories of exchange was spending Christmas in the Swedish country side. You see, all my European friends had gone back to their hometown’s for Christmas. But Melbourne was too far away for me to do that. Instead, I had a Swedish friend invite me to spend Christmas with her family, out in the country. I was really looking forward to escaping from uni for a few days, and to see how Christmas would be celebrated in Scandanavia. I remember catching the train out to her place. I was sitting next to the window and watching the landscape pass by. The carriage was warm, but I could feel the cold air outside through the window. Outside, the landscape was mysterious. The sun was just starting to set, and we were passing by a dark lake, surrounded by pine trees. Part way through the journey, it began to snow. It was mesmerizing to sit in the warm train, watching the snowflakes slowly drift to the ground. Its a memory that has always stuck with me.

GC_North America_Canada_VIA Rail Train in Snow on Tracks_APT_Train on tracks_LR

Daygame seduction in progress

You should be adding in kino, and gestures at the correct places. Done right, as the girl becomes immersed in the world you describe, her eyes will glaze over, like a little kid being read his favourite bedtime story. Though you are talking to her on a busy street, she’ll feel that she’s been taken into a new world, where just the two of you exist.

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