More Tales From Swanston St

I’m really into exotic girls, and after reading my super dooper new daygame book (by My Nick Krauser), I’ve been inspired to try and get a muslim girl. I believe the sentence that inspired me goes something like this:

I used to believe I couldn’t pick up Muslim girls. Then I banged a couple of them, and I realised I should do it more often

Or something. 

I’ve seen a few cute such girls around, but didn’t have the balls to approach. Then, when I’m out on Thursday with Verity, one ambles past. There hadn’t been many girls out that I was keen on, so despite Verity giving me an odd look, I thought:

Fuck it, I’m goin’ in.

I went kinda direct (in hindsight maybe not a great ploy), and just as I was getting my opener out (‘ you look great in this dress’), someone slaps me on the arse with a book. Out of the corner of my eye, I see who it is. It is C, from my last entry. It would be better if she didn’t see me daygaming other girls. Bugger. Furthermore, I am standing in the exact same spot that I approached C in, outside her uni. Fuck. 

C keeps walking, and I turn my attention back to the Muslim chick. At this point headscarf’s like ‘wtf mate?’, and walks off as quickly as possible. 

Not the greatest of outcomes. 

To cut a long story short, C calls me late the next day, and wants to catch up that weekend. We eat korean and I feel her up in an alleyway. Pervert. 

Stay tuned, for more TALES… OF… A DAYGAME NOOB

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