More fun daygaming

Damn, I’m heading off to Korea on Friday, and I really wanna get up to date before that. Lots of writing to do.

Saturday I woke up and was a bit hungover. I had to meet a girl at 11am, and since it was 10.30 by the time I made it out of bed, I clearly wasn’t gonna make that. Told her I was gonna be late, got my shit together and jumped on a tram. Funnily enough, there was a cute looking Malay girl on the tram, so I decided to say hello. My voice was super deep from last night’s boozing, and she must have dug it, cos I was getting some good eye spazzing off her. We both jumped off at Flinders St, where I was meeting my girl (C, from the last post). I took the Malay girl’s number. Thankfully C did not see that happen.

Hung out with C for a while. We ate some Korean and saw an exhibition, which was fun for both of us, but not worth writing about. Next it was time to start daygaming. I met up with one dude, then another and another, our group progressively getting larger til there was five of us. Quite a few new guys as well, and all seemed like nice chaps that I hope to get a beer in the future. I did not get much time to hang out with them, as you will soon see.

So the first set of the day (besides girl-on-tram) was some Asian girl that I’d seen wandering around earlier in the day and thought was cute. When I approached, she didn’t hook, so I met up with the group again, and we started walking down Swanston. Soon, we passed Super-Hot-Frenchie, whose looks were pulling me over to her like a magnet. My better friends on this forum will know why:

That hair! I'll take three

That hair! I’ll take three, thanks

Eventually she hooks, and I move her over to the side of the street. We’re chatting away, and the girl says she’s just arrived in Melbourne, and is only here for two more days, both of which are taken up with trips to some of Victoria’s better tourist attractions. ‘Ok’, I think, ‘better instadate’. So we grab a take away coffee from Babsies (Brother Baba’s) and wander up to my favourite laneway for quick daygame kiss closing. Which is exactly what I do.

These are some of my favourite things

These are some of my favourite things

I lead her round the city, with her telling me about growing up on a farm, interspersed with the occaisional make out. After a quick drink at a reggae bar, she wants to take a nap at her hostel, and I wanna rest up for another date that evening (which goes nowhere).

I don’t manage to see her again, and I’m not sure if that’s due to over escalation or just her busy schedule.

I wonder if other pick up dudes have lists of girls that they didn’t bang but would’ve loved to. I certainly do. On that list, this girl comes in at No. 2 (after the Miss China winner I instadated a while back). Goddamn it!


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