Some daygame videos

Months ago I bought a spycam, and was really excited to start making videos of myself hitting the streets. Like a lot of things, the excitement wears off when you realise its not as easy as it sounds. After a big session of daygaming, the last thing you want to do is sit around re listening to conversations that you already had, particularly when there’s whiskey and cigars in the living room to be enjoyed. On top of that, listening to my own voice is not pleasant. And don’t get me started on the blow out videos… watching those is more painful than the original experience.

Nonetheless, its a good tool, and I should be using it. So here are a few videos. Some hits, and some misses.

  • 0:00 Had a cold and wasn’t in the mood to be daygaming. But I got a just noticeable IOI from this girl as I was crossing the road, and decided to give it a shot
  • 0:40 She’s already trying to walk off. Calling her a tourist delays that a little.
  • 0:50 I’m using too many drawn out ‘ooohs’, ‘wow’s, and other unnecessary words (totally, like, etc)
  • 0:52 In the future I’ll try to phrase questions as statements  ‘You must be from…’ or real questions ‘Oh, are you from…’ not this wishy-washy ‘Oh you are from…’
  • 1:10 Pretty standard tease and assumption. Ultimately doesn’t go anywhere.
  • 1:36 The eyes and smile suggest that shes enjoying the interaction, but in reality she was edging away, and I think she was amused rather than attracted.

A false assumption stack that makes the girl defend herself is actually a good idea when the girl wants to walk off straight away. That was not deliberate in this case.

Here’s a cute German bird. The video is way too close to get her facial reactions, but the audio is fine.

  • 0:27 I could really be getting a lot more out of these openers. I’m talking to quickly, and not putting enough content in there.
  • 0:43 Straight away she’s helping me out, but also trying to lead the conversation.
  • 2:17 Need to stop talking about boring shit
  • Throughout this video I’ve been way too quick to fill gaps in the conversation.

Next time I’ll put up some videos where I close, just to prove I’m not totally shite. 


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