One o those nightgame lays

Its Melbourne Lair Newbies Night, and my plan is to go along for the first half, listen to my mates talk, and then meet up with the Cameroonian (a daygame chick whose painstakingly resisted my best efforts to close (sidenote: now closed)) and take her home. Of course, the best laid (LOL) plans oft go astray. Cameroon cancels and I’m undecided as to whether I should go out to some bars, or head home and read some South American Seabord adventure fiction – deadly bandits and lucrative silver mines, rebellion and revolution!

Choices! Whats a man to do?

Choices! What’s a man to do?

Cos I’m such a generous guy (not to mention a supremely talented nightgamer (NOT)), I head out to try to help a couple of the of new lair-dudes. All CBD are venues massively overrun by hungry PUAs, but its a good social night, and the new boys are putting in their best efforts to approach, despite some nerves. Good on ’em! At rooftop, beer is cheap and its great to chill with the new guys and talk shop with some of the more experienced dudes. Actually this is how nightgame should be – having fun with everyone and not feeling so much pressure to be opening sets all the time.

Once Rooftop is closing up, the gang heads downstairs to another bar. The place is fucking cranking. The dancefloor is crammed full of drunken nutters, whilst the DJ is busting out some solid beats. Operation: Dance floor game begins. Soon I’m dancing with some Italian bird and it all seems to be going well. I’ve got my hands on her hips, and her body’s pressed against mine. But everytime I go in for kiss, she’s not up for it. Story of my life, particularly with foreign girls. I’m yet to figure out if there’s a way to overcome this. I move on.

At the back of the dancefloor, there’s this nice looking girl with the kind of curly hair that I love, so I let her know she’s got a great 80s haircut. According to a mate, it was on straight away, but I didn’t pick on this, so just started dancing and chatting to her. Soon her friends have wandered off somewhere and its looking like a good opportunity for a cheeky little makeout. ‘I’ve never kissed a girl with an 80s haircut before’ I tell her – she doesn’t give me the go ahead, but she doesn’t object either, so I just go for it. Success.

Lately I’ve been trying to present myself to girls as a player who its ok to be sexually open with (as a opposed to someone that she should date). This is standard operating procedure for SNLs in nightgame, but I wanna extend it to daygame as well. Part of the key to this is how I’m physically escalating with girls. I like to do it overtly, and unashamedly, whilst letting the girl have fun. Here’s an example of how I’ve been trying to do it.

Me: Your haircut is making me feel like I should be taking you to an 80s prom dance. We’d be 18, nervous and awkward. You’re in a nice gown, and I’m wearing a blue suit and too much hair gel.

Her: The suit has to be really bright.

Me: Of course – and a ridiculously wide tie. I hope your dress is going to show off your tits. Do you have nice tits [pull open her jacket to have a look at them]

Her: They’re ok

Me: Its too dark, I can’t tell. I’m just gonna feel them [go ahead without waiting for permission]

I reckon chicks love the boldness of it all and I have lots and lots of fun making a game like that out of escalation. We dance for a bit longer, and next she wants to find her friends. They’re near the door, and the three girls chat whilst I lean back against the wall. On my phone there’s a txt from a friend of mine ‘Where u go?’ I respond ‘Trying to take this girl home. We’ll see’. I didn’t realise but as I was typing that, but she’d come over to stand next to me! ‘I saw what you wrote’ says she. I respond ‘Yep thats what I’m trying to do’. ‘I’m not going home with you!’. ‘That won’t stop me from giving it a shot’. We make out a bit more.

We go somewhere more isolated, and make out some more. I tell her I want to take her home, pour myself a whiskey, push her against a wall, look deep in her eyes, and slowly press my body against hers.

Her: That’s nice. But I’m not going home with you.

Me: I’m going to take your home.

Her: We’ll see who has the strongest will [this is pretty much confirmation she’s gonna come home].

[5 minutes of boring chit chat follows]

Me: Lets leave

Her: I’ll just get my bag and jacket. On the way out she introduces me to her friends (so I know her friends name’s, but not hers. Great). They don’t try to cockblock at all, which is very polite of them indeed. Taxi. Home. Whisky. Fuck.

Overall not a satisfying lay. The sex wasn’t great, and I’ve missed out on the traditional post nightgame feed at China Bar. She sleeps for a bit and then leaves halfway through the night, so I never find out her name (nor phone number). Takeaways:

  • Inane chit chat in the taxi to keep her distracted
  • Don’t be ashamed of wanting to fuck a girl

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