Capture the flag – Mexico

Shit! Another lay from nightgame??? Maybe I’m not a daygamer after all. Identity crisis.

Its early evening on a Friday and I’m out with the usual suspects. Early on I was on a date with Little Miss Cameroon. People are slowly getting warmed up, most getting ready to watch the world cup. My mate opens a two set of Mexicans at his favorite bar. But they’re not his type, so he kindly handballs ’em my way. The cuter one has dark medium length straight hair, dark eyes, and a little extra weight, but not that  bad. The whole pick up is just routine. Standard 10 minute daygame set type stuff. She gets teased about being a boring tax accountant, and about only drinking tequila. She’s got a twinkle in her eye, and I’m rubbing my hands in glee – a Mexican! I want that Mexi-flag! The girls are out for a quick drink before watching the football. ‘Whose playing?’ I ask. ‘Mexico vs Cameroon’ she says.

Hold it right there! I just made out with a Cameroonian, and now I’m teasing a Mexican. And she’s telling me its Mexico V Cameroon. I love stupid games, and making out with girls from both countries fits the bill.

After some normal chit chat, she wants to know the colour of my eyes. Its too dark for her to see them, so on that pretext her, I mini bounce her to another part of the bar for ‘just a minute’.

As it happens, ‘just a minute’ is just long enough for a quick make out and her number to make its way into my phone.

Fast forward a week, and we meet up for a drink. I want to dissect the date, but there’s nothing to dissect. It was sushi, then to a bar where we make out. Next we jumped on the train to my favourite cigar bar. At this point, she’s just enamored with me. Her body is massively angled towards me, and when I pull her in, she puts her head on my shoulder and lets me feel her up. She’s such an affectionate, gentle girl that its a lovely, relaxing evening, particularly after Cameroon. After I’m done with my Cohiba, I suggest some wine back at my place.


I had me one of these

Little Miss Mexico is massively submissive, and so she gets the sour cream fucked out of her taco. I’ve put up a post about submission in women, so lets explore this further. The whole evening, I feel this girl is ready to give up her soul. Its in the eyes. Its the way her body falls against mine on the couch in the cigar bar. The finale occurs when I’ve got her on her back in my bed. I’m fingering her with one hand, and lightly choking her with the other. As I gradually let go, her eyes rolls upwards to look at me, and the look she gives is ‘I’ll do anything you want me to’. I tell her that’s how she looks, and she responds ‘I’m your slave’. She’s ripe to give up her soul. Have to be careful with this one.

Followed by something like this

Followed by something like this


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