Lay Report – Robbing The Cradle

Lately I’ve been getting into (literally and figuratively) girls of darker complexion.

I’ve banged (or nearly banged) eight Asians this year. Upon arrival back in Melbourne after my Korean holiday, I realised it was time to cure myself of the dreaded yellow fever, and – more importantly – put a stop to the yellow fever related shit slinging from my wings. I’m not into Aussie girls, so I’m concentrating on Indians, Africans, and any South Americans or Euro tourists that I can pick out. That’s for daygame – with nightgame I’ll can take any nationality I can get my hands on.

I spotted this girl strolling home one day after work. Calling her a seven would be generous, but she’s got lovely dark skin, fantastic hair, and an introverted, creative vibe, and piques my interest. Upon closer inspection she’s half Carribean, half Australian, and a little bit of a hippie. I grab the number, and we tee up a date later in the week…

…which goes smoothly. It turns out that she’s almost a decade younger than I am, but it doesn’t worry her, and excites me. My first 18yr old. As above, she’s introverted, and so I build plenty of comfort with her. She asks me why I’m so confident, which completely surprised me, and made me realise that I whilst I may appear confident to other people, I haven’t totally internalised that I am a confident man. In answering her question, I vaguely describe how I was a very shy boy, but how I grew into myself through pushing myself to be more social and outgoing. Its such a great opportunity to build rapport with her. Everything I say resonates with her, as she’s also introverted, and a bit of an outsider I suspect. We had a great date; by the end of it, she’s totally submitting, sitting on my lap, and holding onto me. There’s a lovely warmth between us. I’d love to go for the first date lay, but she seems a little too cautious for that.



A couple of weeks later we meet up again, and I get a chance to try out my new idea for getting girls home on a second date. She gets there ahead of me.

After a quick drink, I’m about to plant the idea of a glass of wine at my place when she does it for me. ‘Can we go somewhere quieter where we can talk?’ she asks. Given we’re already in a pretty quiet venue…

On the way home, we’re both nervous about what we both know is coming, and the conversation drops a little. I seriously need to get better at making bullshit random conversation about nothing. But once home, it doesn’t take long from pouring the wine to getting my dick in.

Sex is average. She refuses doggie style. +1 18yr old virgin.




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