Instadate with a (real) model*

I don’t normally write field reports, but sometimes things happen that you just need to write them down.

Its a chilly Saturday and I have a weird date with a free-spirited little Indian chick who I’ve been struggling to get out thanks to both of us having busy schedules. We take a coffee and the whole date is rather… fun. We’ve got lots in common, and she wants to help plan my Indian holiday, and to get some music off me. She’s submitting nicely, and I suggest a walk around the city to look for some gloves. Things are looking good, and I’d like to get the gloves, then go to a pub to settle in for a beer where I’ll kiss her. Instead she’s keen for the walk but says she only has 20 minutes before having to run off to some other engagement. So we find the gloves and then I botch the kiss in a secluded alley! She scurries off and I’m not sure what to make of the whole thing.

I’m alone in the CBD, don’t want to go home and could really do with some company. In one of those moods where you want a relaxing chat and a beer. But no ones around so I end up daygaming solo. Lately I’ve been having some daygame issues (which I’ll write about), and it takes me an hour to approach a girl. She’s a stunner. Asian, long hair, very leggy. A real piece of work. She’s a pro model, and lingerie designer. Exactly the type of girl you want to have on your arm when you go to a party with your AFC mates. She hooks straight away, and after five minutes her eyes are wide and I’m thinking about kissing her cos I (probably) can. So cool! Instead I choose the option which is going to get me laid, which is to take her to a pub and try to kiss her later on.

She’s such a lovely girl. After some food, she’s curling up to me like a cat, expressing her hopes and dreams of becoming a pilot one day. Eventually, we kiss, and then she has a minor flip-out, saying she just met me and never kisses on the first date. I’m starting to see the power of game – in the past she has dated rich businessmen and been proposed to by a famous architect. And here she is, kissing someone who earns $493 a week. After a lovely few hours we part ways.

Post-reflection: I think the journey through game is a series of tremendous moments where you realise life will never be the same again. This was such a moment. Last year I was stuck in an unhappy relationship with a slightly overweight Asian girl. Now I’m pulling a model off the street (and she’s not the only model I’m dating). Puts a big grin on my face.

One game related note – lately I’ve decided to shift towards being upfront with girls about being a player before I sleep with them. So I let this girl know that I tend to see multiple women. Will see how that affects things.

*As opposed to all those girls that claim they’re models cos they did a single photo shoot.


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