A hottie and a nottie

I love game. Picking up girls keeps getting easier and easier.

When I first started out, I struggled with opening. Through sheer will, and some extremely supportive wings, I got over that stage. Next I struggled with my in-set composure and pre-mature ejection was a frequent occurrence. After a few months, I started to get heaps of numbers, but I’d cock it up on dates. Now that’s sorted too; it recently occurred to me that over the last three or four month, I can only think of one girl that wouldn’t kiss me on a date. In fact, dates have become so easy that I feel like I’m turning on cruise control. I focus on not fucking up.

That's me getting ready for a date with a hot Indian

Destination: Player-town

Right now my sticking point is getting girls home and overcoming resistance.

As one gets better and better at game, its good to put oneself in more testing situations. Take rock climbing as an analogy. After a year of climbing, many people realise it’s a hobby (addiction) worth devoting your life to. You’ll set yourself a target route , say Punks In The Gym, then spend years working your way up to climbing it. You’ll work on different things at different times, sometimes getting strong in the gym, sometimes developing your friction climbing on dicey slabs, sometimes developing mental composure on runout and dangerous adventure routes. Done correctly, you should be able to climb you’re dream route, and have the skills to climb and survive in many situations anywhere in the world. So it is with game.

One upon a time, this was the hardest route in the known universe. Punks in the gym - Western Victoria

One upon a time, this was the hardest route in the known universe. Punks in the gym – Western Victoria

On Saturday, I was shopping with a mate when we passed a slim, lithe, dark haired beauty. Despite not being in daygame mode (I hadn’t even had my daygame smoothie!), there was no question about going in. It was on from the start – distance was encroached, and eye contact was strong. There was no question about getting the number.

As always, logistical problem-Medusa had to rear her ugly head. This girl was only in town for one more evening, before flying back to the gold coast. Furthermore, she was down with a friend, and couldn’t (wouldn’t) ditch her to spend time with me. So Sunday night saw me on a date with two girls. To make matters worse, we didn’t meet until 8.30, so I had a small time window to work with. A futile situation you might say, but I really wanted this girl.

Throughout the date, my target really wanted to talk to me. I really wanted to talk to her. No one wanted to talk to the ugly friend. I tried to include her, but by the end of the night, she was giving me a look like she’d be happy to push me off as building.

My girl was really into me; she was into the sexual hand contact, and eye contact was good. An hour into the date, her friend turned away to take a call, and I tried to kiss her, and though she was obviously keen, wouldn’t do it so quickly and with her friend present. Then she accused me of being a player. After another 20min we all went home.

Since its been a while since I’ve had such a challenging situation, I wanted to reflect on it. There’s thing I really liked about this date, and things I could’ve done a lot better:


  • Built lots of attraction in the girl
  • Both girls found me an interesting person and were happy to let me lead the conversation. It all seemed so easy.
  • Better yet, this all felt effortless



  • Overcooked the set – I found it hard to build rapport with both girls present, and may lose my target due to being too much of a player
  • Ignored the friend too much and she’ll likely cockblock me

My target says is back in Melbourne in a month. Its time to put her onto facebook for maintenance until that day arrives. Even though she’s wise to me being a player, I think her defences will be come down over facebook/txt, and I can build some comfort and then pounce when she’s back in town.

The game continues…


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