Daygame issues and street kiss closes

So this was something I wrote up a few weeks back, but wasn’t quite happy with the writing quality. Still, poor quality is better than nothing, so I’ll post as is.

Daygame Issues:
I’ve been having some issues approaching over the last month or two, and its taken a while to figure out the cause. Its not approach anxiety per se, but an ego-investment in being good at daygame. This has led me to fear rejection because it means I’m not good at daygame. Once I figured this out, it was like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. It was ok to go out and rejected again. The ego is a slippery little bugger, always finding ways to protect your identity.

Despite this, or maybe because of it, my number closing rate has been remarkably good this year. I reckon I’m closing 30%+ of sets in any given week. Most don’t flake. I will never have to worry about being able to get dates again.

Daygame session 31st Ausgust
This was another great session. The first few sets started off slow though. I’m starting to think that the streets of Melbourne have been yad stopped out, such is the behaviour of the current crop of approach machines doing ‘high volume’ – I’m hardly above such behaviour though. Girls are no longer curious as to why you’re running after them, and half of them will walk off before you get the opener out. That’s ok though, it just means that its back to the drawing board for a new approach. Despite the slow start, the session was capped off with a hat trick of solid sets.

Solid set #1
After picking up a refreshing milkshake, I spotted a nice Asian and asked her about the frozen yoghurt she was eating. This set went exceptionally well. It got sexual pretty quickly:
“I’d love to go on holiday to Nicaragua”
“What would you do there?”
“They make a lot of cigars there. I can see myself lying on the beach, enjoying the warmth of the sun and smoking a fat cigar, listening to the waves crash on the sand, checking out the girls”
There was a real atmosphere of familiarity between us, and I was getting strong eye contact off her. It just seemed like she might be up for making out, so I told her I was going to kiss her (we had a running joke that I’ve never kissed a girl before). I grabbed her hand as I did so, and she looked around to see who was watching, but left her hand in place. She wouldn’t kiss but kept poking me and touching me afterward – tells me she was interested but not quite up for it.


Solid set #2
We popped into some Chinese store to look at some candy they were selling. A nice looking girl in short shorts seemed like a good victim choice, but as I was going in, a classy looking filly in heels caught my eye and I changed course. She was extremely well dressed, and had those well-to-do facial features you associate with money. She turned out to be extremely ditzy and after 10minutes I took a pretty solid number, with the shopkeeper giving my wing dirty looks for taking photos of the whole thing. Here’s one of them.

My dong is this big!

Solid set #3
Worn out from all the walking, we headed to Melbourne Central to grab some food and sit down, where we bumped into 50 PUAs. At the top of the escalator to the food court was a Japanese girl in a scarf that looked like it was out of a posh British woman’s wardrobe. She was informed of that, and loved it. In fact everything I said was hitting hard, and you can see from this photo how much she’s enjoying it.


Eye contact was strong.
“You’ve got nice eyes – deep and brown”
*giggle* “Thanks”
“I’m going to kiss you”
*looks away “What? Kiss me??”
I hold out my hand and she takes it, then pull her in to make out. She’s kinda nervous about the whole thing, but enjoys it and gives me a big hug when I leave.
Score! My third street kiss close, and fastest yet. Too bad all the PUAs and my wing missed it.

-I need to work on killing my daygame ego.

-Street kiss close is very possible, if you have the right girls and know what to do. I’ve got a bit of a method for how I do it now, and might write it all down and post it up on the lair to see what people think


Benefits of daygame

The benefits of daygame go beyond the ability to run up to girls on the street. That’s a huge plus right there, but in totality, daygame teaches you to a) read and communicate with people and b) assess and fix your own issues, helping to turn you into a fully-developed and very attractive man.

Last week, I was out for a beer and a chat with a mate of mine, Tom. Running ahead of schedule, I popped into the fish n chip shop next to the pub for a bite to eat, and told Tom to meet me there. A funny situation came up. The girl taking my order seemed just a bit more friendly and a bit more open than her job required. Key giveaway for me was “I got married a year ago, but its going badly”. Testing the waters gave a positive result, and by the time Tom arrived, she was sitting at my table telling me about her hometown.

Number was taken and all signs point to a girl that’s looking for excitement.

My mental image of a man who’s mastered daygame is a man who can not only pull very attractive girls off the street, but who easily and frequently picks up on, and takes advantage of these ‘easy wins’. Thus he can go out and attract quality girls when he wishes, and bang the low hanging fruit at convenience.

Nothing wrong with nightgame, but it doesn’t teach you that.

In other news a banged another young virgin on the weekend. Not gonna write it up in detail, but its worth mentioning that it puts me on ten girls for the year, well behind my aim of twenty in 2014. Hopefully the next four months will bring the goods.