Benefits of daygame

The benefits of daygame go beyond the ability to run up to girls on the street. That’s a huge plus right there, but in totality, daygame teaches you to a) read and communicate with people and b) assess and fix your own issues, helping to turn you into a fully-developed and very attractive man.

Last week, I was out for a beer and a chat with a mate of mine, Tom. Running ahead of schedule, I popped into the fish n chip shop next to the pub for a bite to eat, and told Tom to meet me there. A funny situation came up. The girl taking my order seemed just a bit more friendly and a bit more open than her job required. Key giveaway for me was “I got married a year ago, but its going badly”. Testing the waters gave a positive result, and by the time Tom arrived, she was sitting at my table telling me about her hometown.

Number was taken and all signs point to a girl that’s looking for excitement.

My mental image of a man who’s mastered daygame is a man who can not only pull very attractive girls off the street, but who easily and frequently picks up on, and takes advantage of these ‘easy wins’. Thus he can go out and attract quality girls when he wishes, and bang the low hanging fruit at convenience.

Nothing wrong with nightgame, but it doesn’t teach you that.

In other news a banged another young virgin on the weekend. Not gonna write it up in detail, but its worth mentioning that it puts me on ten girls for the year, well behind my aim of twenty in 2014. Hopefully the next four months will bring the goods.


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