Dragons attack!

Measured by volume of sets, no. of daygame milkshakes consumed, or quantity of porker’s approached, this was a big weekend!

6pm Friday saw me meeting up with Shaz, for a refreshing milkshake (MS #1), and a quick bit of daygame. During Shaz’s first set, some dude came up to me to tell me he was mighty impressed with Shaz’s balls for approaching a girl like that. Thought of the day: Random dude is impressed  by Shaz complimenting a random female stranger, but thought nothing of complimenting a random male stranger?

I was feeling a bit nervous, but went to chat to a couple of tanned girls, who turned out to be younger than what I usually go for. Sixteen is too young for me personally, so I left quite quickly. Gus – a young guy new to the game and a colleague of Shaz joined us for his first ever daytime set. For a 19yr old he’s a bit of a gunner, full of confidence and charisma. Watching him in action was good, because he committed all sorts of technical issues that have become instinctually part of my daygame method.

Pretty soon, we we’d had enough DG, and it was decided that prior to nightgaming, we should all go to my place to get on the piss and hang out. I’ve recently moved into this inner city dump; total shithole but its made up for by its excellent location, allowing minimal travel for me to get to work, to gym, to the bars, to jiu jitsu, and to climbing. There’s a decent bar 20m from my house, and bottle store another 10m away. And an Indian supermarket full of delicious $2 curry. I’m sure its gonna see a lot of Friday and Saturday night action from our crew (affectionately and somewhat ironically called the Red Dragons – until we come up with something better).

1 six pack later…

Gus had to roll off due to work, so Shaz and I headed to the Lion. We went straight for the dancefloor, which Slider and another friend had nicely warmed up. So our group of four, plus some random hangers on – was loud and in charge in the centre of the DF. I was feeling drunk and arrogant at this point, and it really felt (to me at least) like we could do no wrong. Like a force of nature, wherever I went people were reacting to me and every group of girls seemed to be IOIing.

It was that perfect amount of drunkeness that makes me super confident but not annoying. If I could replicate that attitude while sober, I would be set.

However, results weren’t all that forthcoming, and the Dragons decided to head to ABC. Shaz pulled me into that typical nightgame conundrum where there’s one porker and one hottie. I was with the porker. I was drunk, she had a cute face, and was from the Philippines (a new country for me), so logic seemed to dictate “fuck my dignity, I’ll escalate hard”. This was the first time I was trying out a new method, which is basically escalate covertly so only you and her know whats going on, and her friends have no idea. The idea is that it builds a lot of tension because the girl wants to kiss you but you don’t let her. At the same time its exciting cos you’re saying inappropriate things or grabbing her ass and yet no one else has any clue whats going on.

To give some idea of this:

  • “Oh you’re a nurse? I’m going to be a doctor. If we hang out, it’ll be like a porno I watched. “
  • “You just rubbed your tits on my arm. That’s nice”
  • “I want to feel your tits. Turn around so your friend doesn’t notice”

I tried to do bad things to her in the toilets, but she ran away.

At this point it was only Slider and I remaining. Next we went to Toff (I think). I don’t remember a whole lot of this, but there was a fun set with a Colombian whose number I grabbed, and hopefully that’ll lead somewhere good. Energy levels started to drop and we parted ways, planning to go hard the next day.
Also, at some point Slider and I ended up in a big set of headscarf girls, and I think they loved it. I was drunk and don’t remember that much of it, so Slider, if you’re reading this, provide a breakdown, cos I am interested to hear what happened.

The following day…

Slider and I failed at fixing my car, and decided to day game instead. We saw a super tall Aussie girl that I was too scared to approach and that’s a real shame. Instead we went a got another milkshake (MS #2). The girls in that shop know me so well, and I’ve even been clubbing with them, such is my milkshake consumption.

We didn’t do that many sets, but as a first set I tried to pull a headscarf girl. It was not bad, but not good enough to grab a number, and she didn’t seem dtf anyway. After a few more sets I think we got tired and went to get beer at some point, then ran into heaps of other PUAs in fed square.

Next on the agenda was a date with a Japanese girl I’d met earlier that week. She tried to bring friends along, which I really wasn’t in the mood for, and told her that. So thankfully, she turned up alone. We had a pleasant evening sipping a beer in fed square. Her English is horrible, but she’s got a lovely personality and tight body, so everyone was happy. It was just a short date to get on her radar since she’s going on holiday for two weeks. Job done. She wouldn’t kiss though, but said next time she wanted to, if that means anything.

Then back to meet Slider, who had caught up with Shaz and Nick- who was drinking his fourth Mother of the day! We headed back to the dump for rock n roll and more beers. This was good. Feeling refreshed, we all headed to rooftop. Well not quite. We lost Nick on the way (hope you’re alive bro), and Slider got stuck in the queue, which was my fault (sorry man), and had to wait for ages to get in. But Shaz and I slipped past security super quick, and started smashing set after set after set! The beers were really setting in at this point. A few memorable sets:

  • Shaz and I told some girls we wanted to practise trying to pick them up, then said inappropriate things to them, such as ‘Hi – You’ve got nice tits. We wanted to say hello’. It seemed ok but we didn’t really push it anywhere.
  • A hot german girl threw herself at me, but despite how keen she seemed, I couldn’t get her to make out. Does that happen to anyone else? I have her number but I’ll be fucked it I can remember what I saved it as, so I doubt that’ll go anywhere.
  • I met some random dude and then opened a couple of Phillapino’s and pulled him in. He tried to take the hot one, and I decided ‘that shall not do’. He was an alright guy, but tried too hard to impress her with his dancing. I like to think I’ve got a LOT of experience pulling Asians, so grabber her back. It was kinda loud, so I used that old Mystery line on her friend ‘hey its loud over here, ok if i take your friend over there and chat for a couple of minutes? Cool?’. Works well. She had a boyfriend but was still keen. I told her I wanted to kiss and her and she said ‘not here, my friend will see’. Fair enough. She’s chasing hard over txt now. I’ve never gotten a taken girl out on a date, and to be frank, it excites me. Post set, Shaz informed that he was distracting her friend like a champ – Red Dragons running like a well oiled machine! Thanks bro!
  • Later down in Toff, a three set of mexican’s. It was dark, and I couldn’t see well/was drunk so I just chose one of them to target. Well it turned out the other two were hot and the one I chose was a porker, so that sucked. It didn’t stop me and I tried to pull her in the toilet, but no good. I think she got angry cos I made out with heaps of other girls in front of her later on.
  • A two set of Swedes were both really into me. All my friends had left at this point so there was no one to bring into the set. Neither girl was going to let the other have me alone, so I was thinking ‘how do i solve this problem’. The phrase ‘hot swedish lesbians’ came into my mind and I grabbed both their hands for a double salsa spin, then put their hands on my ass, and grabbed both of their cute little butts. They didn’t seem to mind, so I tried to get a three way make out going, and they weren’t having a bar of it lol. We hung out for a bit, but later in the night I saw them again and they were really cold. Oh well!
  • Ended up in a set of four local girls. One was keen to dance, and quite nice. It was her birthday in fact, and she had a great personality for an Aussie toff girl. We actually had more a daygame style conversation. I really liked her. She bought me a beer that I didn’t need and we hung out on the balcony. I took the jerk route – telling her she’s a bitch and so on and so forth, which is always a good way to spike girls. 80% of my material is either ‘you’re a bitch’ or ‘your tits are nice’. Its all you need. She made me promise to call her next week and then went off to find her friends who seemed to have left. Its a shame I couldn’t get her home.

A few more sets, and then home to be met with a big hangover the next morning. It was a really awesome night and I enjoyed all this ridiculous shit that was going on.

After breakfast, into the CBD for a coffee with Vangaurd. On the way to meet him, I opened a super cute Chinese girl who was with a friend. I made a mistake here, spiked way too hard and they ran off. I kept telling her I didn’t believe she was Chinese and she shouldn’t be such a dirty liar. The girls were like ‘OMG OMG’, and then ran away, haha.

After coffee, another milkshakje (MS #3). Addict.

Daygame – what i actually do

Later I wanted to meet the Japanese girl from the previous day, and she agreed. She was late and whilst I was waiting, I opened a Vietnamese girl sitting next to me. Seemed to go well, but she wouldn’t give up the number. Either my calibration is off and she wasn’t that into me, or something else was going on. Does that happen to other guys? You’re sure she’s into you and yet she won’t give up the number?

The date with the Japanese girl was cool, but again she wouldn’t kiss and that’s annoying.  My usual method with shy girls is to just dominate and overwhelm, but it was a no go. So Shaz suggested I try the good ol’ freezeout, which seems like a good idea, so long as I don’t come across as a sulky little child. I also came up with a cool routine which I may as well describe.

  • Start describing the scene around you. For example ‘smell the coffee, feel the warmth of the mug. Listen to the noises around us. The background chatter, the coffee machine, the air conditioner. Can you hear it all? What else can you hear? Feel the hard seat beneath you, feel your socks against your toes.
  • Describe the concept of ‘being totally present’, not worrying about the future or the past. Just being immersed in the current moment, where nothing matters.
  • Segue into how climbing makes you present, because its requires all your attention to stay alive. “When you’re 50m off the ground, totally alone, your blood pumping and your heart beating, you’re not worrying about your assignment or the arguement you had with your fried last week. The sun shining on the back of your neck, there’s a beautiful view below you, and the winds is cool on your face. But the only important thing is pulling off that next move, and not falling off. “
  • Then describe the same thing that happens during sex. “Its just you and one other person – the rest of the world doesn’t exist. Its so intense, so pleasurable, so full that your mind switches off, and your body takes over – total instinct. You’re like an animal’.

Someone with better descriptive skills than me could probably articulate that a bit better than I do. Seems to work well.


One comment on “Dragons attack!

  1. Always enjoy your reports. Seems like you’re smashing it out in terms of approaching – your sticking points, like when you mentioned girls that seem into you but won’t take the plunge, will start to become less of an issue as you plough through the field. Gotta admit I’m jealous of your living situation.

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