LMR Battles

Good girls aren’t really good girls.

Met this girl in a bar. She’s on holiday for a couple of weeks, got a boyfriend back home. A total good girl. A little shy, goes to church. Tells me she won an award for being the most well behaved student in high school.

And totally addicted to dominant bad boys. I’ve met her type before. Despite her extreme sweetness, she’s got a cheeky side to her I love.

We talk for 10 minutes in the bar, and I tell her I want to kiss her. Her response:’No my friend will see’.

The next morning she starts messaging me. We arrange to meet the following evening. I’m excited. Really super excited. Firstly, I’m back into the game in a big way. Everything in life is going well right now. I want to meet girls! Secondly, there’s something about pulling another’s man’s girl that I crave. That’s a bit of an inner game issue; something I should deal with. Personally I don’t care about sleeping with taken girls – its dark but if they’re gonna cheat, they’re gonna cheat. But I don’t like the idea that I’m excited about taking something that belongs to another guy. Points to some lack of self-worth like I need validation not just from pulling women, but from pulling other men’s women.

We meet up, get some sushi and a beer. Inane chatter. She tells me she lost her virginity in a toilet at age 14. I tell her how I used to be super shy and got used to socialising as much as possible (of course she doesn’t believe me).

She’s fucking cute by the way. Absolutely tiny.

As we head for the next bar, I try on a little kiss close gambit, and she resists. At the next bar, resistance is dialed up to 11. She won’t sit near me, definitely won’t kiss, but still it just seems like she’s up for it. I’m getting a little frustrated though. Her friend calls her to try and get her to meet for a drink but she won’t leave. She starts hitting me and trying to pinch me. She’;s doing it all the time, and I get annoyed, grab her arms, her push her down on the couch and kiss her.

She’s into it. In a big way. But as soon as we stop, she goes quiet and into deep thought. I guess her boyfriend is on her mind, but later I find out what it really is. We make out, drink and talk. It’s cool, I like her. We grab more beer and go to my place.

Thus commences the LMR battle to end all LMR battles. She’s highly resistant to kissing, and keeps telling me half-heartedly that she has a boyfriend. But when I do occaisionally get her kissing, she’s uncontrollable.

Each time we have 2 minutes of intense making out, then she flips out. I notice the more dominant I am, the more I just ignore her protests, the more she likes it.

“I have a boyfriend”
“Shhh – kiss my neck”

She puts no effort to try and remove herself from the bedrooms, and keeps drinking so I’m just taking that as a sign to keep escalating.

But she won’t remove her goddamn dress. Just will not do it. After an hour of this back and forth, I’m on my knees on the bed and pull her against me (she’s tiny). She’s so into it, and I’m fucking determined to get that dress on. I’m pulling it off and she’s pulling it on.

“I’m gonna take this thing off!” Give her the eye mesmer. “I’ll rip it if I have to”.

And she lets me take it off.

Soon her tits are out. Progress.

But it’s still 1 step forward, 1 step backward. She’s seriously stubborn. Another hour goes by, a couple of freeze outs, and there’s no way she’ll let me get those panties off. But she makes no effort to leave whatsoever.

She needs to let her boyfriend know where she is. Phone comes out.

After 2 hrs I’ve given up. Its not happening. I still had a good time with her, but I’m not getting anywhere! Its frustrating. I start going to sleep and she lies next to me. Occaisionally we kiss a little, but that’s it.

She’s holding my hand and rubbing it a little.

‘Give it one more go’ I think. We start kissing, and soon she’s on top of me rubbing her pussy on my cock (panties still on). I’m fingering her pussy and she’s moaning hard. I go to pull the panties off and she’s pulls them back on. FUCK! I pull them off. She pulls them on.

I try to pull them off.

Something snaps…

She helps me get them off quick smart and jumps on top of me, looks at me, and asks if I want to do this.


After 3hrs of anticipation, my dick is ready to explode  – 3hrs of hard work, 20seconds of sex! WOO!


This taught me a fucking heap about game.

Outer game:
-There are no good girls.
-Taken girls can be escalated faster.
-If she’s in the bedroom, keep escalating.
-Women will cheat. I don’t want to get cheated on. The only solution I see to this is to choose very carefully which girls I bring into my life, and to get very good at game.

Inner game
-I love these sweet girls with a hidden bad side.
-Getting enjoyment out of taking another man’s woman is not the way to a whole some life. It screams of taking value. A demon to be slayed.
-Some girls shouldn’t be touched. This may have been one of them. She’s already way attached to me. But I don’t have the will power to not sleep with them. Not at the moment, maybe not ever.

A man has to have principles. As it stands, I try to always let a girl know that I’m unlikely to be monogamous with her, prior to sleeping with her (not 100% there yet).

With taken women, I think more principles need to be added.
-No cutting another man’s lunch because I can – it has to be about the girl.
-Nothing that could break up a family.
-Not playing a girls emotions to make her get attached to me when I don’t have the attention of giving her a relationship.
-No girls that are with guys I know, whether I like them or not.

Some of these are easier to stick to than others. I like to think that once day I’ll get to the point where knowing I could pursue a girl is enough, without having to do it.


Anyway, it was a huge emotional battle. So many ups and downs. The resulting dopamine hit/adrenal rush has put me on a natural high for 24hrs so far and still going storng. It feels good. Really good.

The next day the Dragons congregated for a celebratory milkshake. Those are good guys, they’ve helped me a lot in getting to this point, and I wanted to thank them for that, so the milkshakes were on me.


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