Tack För Sverige

Quarter 4 of 2014 has kicked off bang (actually a few of them).

Saturday night saw me getting rummy – extremely rummy! – at a party. Around midnight the team jumped in a car to one of the local rehydration stations bars.

There was a bit of a line to get in (bad). But we were waiting behind some swedish girls (good). Three of us, and three of them. I ended up talking to a tall, sexy girl with dark hair and strong blue eyes. She wasn’t bitchy… but a bit defiant. Her eye contact was pretty strong. She’d make strong, resistant eye contact with me, and I think it was all so she could be slapped down. Enjoyable. Like Taylor wrote, its great when girls challenge you.

I tried on some of Krauser’s eye mesmer/hynotic scanning routines, and they worked a charm- we were making out before we’d made it into the venue.

I think the seduction was over by this point. She went to the toilets and then danced with her friends. She’d try to get my attention whenever I was around. We danced a bit and I hung out with some other girls to try to get a jealousy plotline going but was probably unnecessary. Also I had some more beers which was definitely unnecessary!

Took her to a couch, where she wanted to put her number in my phone. Instead I wanted to put her in a taxi to my place, and so I did.

The sex was dirty, sordid and grotty. I liked it. Like having a kebab at 4am.


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