Capture the Flag – France

Third time lucky

One night the Dragons – at our favourite bar – decided to perform some ‘betagame’, with the intention of finding out if the font of game knowledge is really correct.

(We were about 4 pints to the better)

First set: “Hi girls, we thought you’re absolutely gorgeous, would it be ok if we bought you a drink?”

They walked off – conclusion: betagame is a fail.

Next set: “Hi girls, we thought you’re absolutely gorgeous, would be it be ok if we bought you a drink?”

I don’t remember the details, but the girls hooked and I wound up with a solid number off one of them. Enter ‘betagame girl’

Fast forward two weeks. I’ve finished my one exam, and the filo girl that I really like has left the country. I’ve got a huge backlog of girls to date (defile). So I sent out a message to a few of few of them, asking when they’re free. They all replied back: ‘busy every day this week except Thursday’.

So I guess I had to pick and choose the best prospects. I told a Colombian to meet me in the afternoon on Thursday, and a Swede to meet me in the evening. The other girl – ‘betagame girl’ would have to wait (she seemed the most flakey). However the Swede was ill and cancelled. So betagame girl was moved into pole position – Thursday evening.

As it happened, the Colombian stood me up – but I was kinda happy about that anyway cos I was feeling lazy. So that’s two flakes in one day. Women are useless. However, betagame girl came to the rescue though, not flaking and being only 30min late.

I was expecting a half-caste girl who – I was 90% sure – was from Belgium. Other than that I could remember nothing about her. I was totally wrong on both of these points – she was very pale, and actually French, but with frizzy hair and a perfect ass.

We sat for about an hour and half in a café, me chugging beers and her slowly sipping a wine. It was all eye contact and leading the conversation. I find that learning to lead a conversation can be really effective in developing the masculine-feminine vibe on a date. I’ll work on it more in the future.

She was ready to be kissed, but it seemed a bit awkward in the café. Plus, at the moment I’m trying to hold off on making out until the perfect moment (ie the moment that gets me laid) We went down the road to a more intimate bar. After 15min of chatter, I pulled her in to kiss, and she melted.

Half way through our drinks, I suggested listening to some music back at mine, and she was like “Really?”, like she was the luckiest girl in the world.

So we headed off and I got the lay – no resistance. Probably 2.5hrs from meeting her to getting her back to mine.

Afterwards, we put on some electronic music, and she danced for me. The image of that perfect French ass gyrating in front of my face is something I’ll remember for a long time to come!

The two big takeaways for me are :

1.       Don’t be afraid to pull girls home quickly on a day 2
2.       Use conversation to develop polarity. No need to be making out all the time.

I’m actually wondering if the second bar was necessary. Maybe I could’ve pulled her home after the café, prior to making out with her.


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