Nightgame Field Report

In the interest of using my time more wisely, I have decided to start working smarter on my hobbies.

For example, often when my mates and I go climbing, we roll into the gym, pick something to climb that looks fun, start cranking, get tired, go home. No warm up, no plan, no focus. Repeat 3 times a week. That’s the way to get an injury, not the way to send hard routes.

With pick up, I plan to break down my interactions more.

Since I’m focusing so much on night game at the moment, I’ll talk about last weekend, where I went out both Friday and Saturday.

Friday night:

The first mistake was drinking way too much at my place. Once in the bars, I felt I was too drunk to interact with girls, and pretty much didn’t do any sets. Not the end of the world cos it was still a fun night.

Saturday night:

This was a bit of a poor effort. I choded out a lot. Only did a handful of approaches. One set I remember being brought into

Me: Hey how are you?
Her: I’m good, you?
Me: Oh, not that good
Her: Why’s that
Me: I’ve waiting for you to buy me a drink.

I think the set went on afor a little longer, but was’t all that good. Overall I blame it on a weak attempt at being cocky/funny and high value.

Toward the end of the night, a mate and I had a good set with two girls. I isolated my girl really quickly, something I seem to do well – but I in the future I want to spend more time engaging the group to challenge myself. Once isolated, it was basically just running some of my usual gambits:

  • Compared her to a zebra (she had a black and white striped skirt on
  • Ask her what animal she would like to be to get a sense of her personality
  • Then tried the hypnotic scanning thing and tried to transition into a mke out, which she didn’t quite go for, I think because her friend was like a meter away and we weren’t in a bright area that didn’t create much of a discrete atmosphere
  • After a few more minutes, told her I wanted to take her for a coffee. She did the ‘oh i don’t know, i need to think about it’ thing, which is basically her trying to seem hard to get (and failing)

It was a stock standard set for me. Basically run some attraction quickly and then relax and NFU. They are enjoyable sets but not much of a challenge.

So there you have it. Not the most interesting field report, cos I don’t remember much of the weekend. But hopefully writing these things out will make me focus on my weaknesses more


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