Date with a Bubbly Korean

Another good date that taught me a lot but about what I can do well and what I need to work on.

This girl was extremely short, and extremely touchy. Right from the initial daygame approach, she was kinoing me like a mad woman. She was super keen over txt too:


Her: Hi how are you~
Me: Great, having some pancakes with strawberries and chocolate
Her: Sounds yum J
Me: Yep! Whats your fave dessert?
Her: chocolate [heart] [heart] and cheese cake
Me: You chose two! Naughty!
Her: That’s right I’m a naughty girl
Me: No misbehaving or I’ll send you to the naughty corner


On the date she was touching me so much, and it was hard to stop myself from just grabbing her and kissing her straight away. I ate sushi, then we went to a bar and grabbed a corner couch. She was typically Korean in that she was obviously really enjoying herself, but would reject all sexual advances. She kept curling up to me and looking me right in the eyes, but would block all kiss close attempts. In the end I just did and she of course really liked it, but was annoyed at herself for giving up her power so quckly. After a couple of hours in the bar, I was rubbing her pussy, and she was touching my dick. I took her home but she wouldn’t fuck.

This is a typical problem I have, where I get good girls turned on, but their resolve to not fuck is too strong. In this case she’s a religious virgin, waiting for marriage to have sex (or so she claims). Now I feel I’ve ‘used up all my ammo’, so to speak, and probably won’t be able to fuck her. Its happened before. If I had to guess, I put my chances at 30%.

Good things from the date:

  • Storytelling to put her in another world. I had two stories going that put a real glint hin her eye. The first one is a true story of a rock climbing trip that I did, which is pretty ‘out there’ for most people. The second one was a fictional story about her and I at a party, with sexual overtones.
  • Emotional control to make her feel assured. A random down and out man at a tram stop tried to fuck with me on the date. It seemed she was feeling what I was feeling, so when I didn’t react she felt safe. People say that ‘girls ping off their environment’, and I see what they mean.
  • Building quick trust and a sexual bubble. I’m getting girls comfortable and sexual with me quicker than ever before.

Bad things from the date:

  • Too analytical, not in the moment enough. I kept trying to figure out what my next move would be, and I think she sensed this. In the future I’ll make more of an effort to relax and enjoy the moment.
  • I over invested in her toward the end of the date. This was when I realised I wasn’t going to fuck her, and was trying to build comfort to stop her ASD from getting the better of her the next morning.
  • Too impatient to escalate. Right now I’m really pushing my boundaries in rapid escalation. I’ve learnt how to build really quick attraction, and act on it. Its great fun, but I think I’ll learn a lot and my game will mature from slowing down, building more tension, and making the girl come to me. This will require discipline.

Quick Date with a Singaporean

Daygaming, I spotted this Singaporean in a cap and backpack, blue singlet and some red pants showing off lithe legs.

“Good afternoon, You’ve got a great outfit. You’re like a little school girl”.

The whole set was low key and pretty quickly we were off for a lemonade in Federation Square. But she seemed reserved and I couldn’t tell if she was into me or just bored and happy to hang out. So I tried to make it clear why I was grabbing her number.

Over txt she threw up a few little frame control games, but was also fishing to be taken out for a drink. In fact she was kinda annoying but I guess I need to get used to this and not let it get to me. So drinks were organised for her last night in Melbourne.

We didn’t meet til almost 9pm, and obviously I wanted to fuck her that night. So I decided the game plan was to get sexual early, move things along and get her home ASAP. It worked well. As soon as I met her, we were talking about how she likes dominant guys. She was throwing up all sorts of shit tests which helped build some attraction, and 20min into the first bar I went to kiss her. She kinda went for it, but wouldn’t open her mouth, so I told her that in 10min I’d expect her to do better. She did.

At the second bar, things got more sexual. She was letting me grab her ass and was playing with shirt. Things were looking good. But she was adamant that she didn’t have time to go home with me. And it was her last night in Melbourne! Bah! Game over!

But good girls aren’t always good girls, and the PUA gods are capricious.

At this point we’d been on the date about two hours. Not long, but we’d build a lot of good trust between us, and felt very comfortable with each other.

As we were walking home, we ducked into an alley to make out. I tried feeling her up and she didn’t seem to mind at all. I pulled her panties down and started fingering and she was telling me how she liked it! Things were looking up!

I’ve never fucked a girl off a Day 2 in an alley way before, and I’d love to do that.
Soon she was rubbing my cock, and telling me this was one of her fantasies. An Asian guy kinda saw what we were doing, but she didn’t realise, and we kept at it.

But despite everything I tried I couldn’t get the bang. So she’ll go home to Sydney and maybe I’ll have a go at long gaming her.

  • I learnt a huge amount from this date:
  • Frame controlling girls but annoying but best to ignore it and walk all over her frame
  • Build quick attraction by passing shit tests
  • Once attraction is there, don’t bother keep trying to get more of it. Instead build rapport and trust.
  • Be vulnerable and build trust. Its powerful and she’ll feel like she’s known you for way longer than she really has.
  • Push boundaries! Girls fuck quickly, especially if they’re not considering you for the boyfriend spot.
  • Good girls aren’t good girls. The last few girls I’ve pulled have, on the surface, seemed like girls that ‘don’t do things like that’. How wrong I was, every time.

Anyong Haseyo!

The usual bar with the usual crew.

Two Asian girls walked in, looking very Korean. I opened with that, they hooked easily, and Verity came in to talk over the top of me talk to them too*. However, the girls seemed to cautious to be separated, too doe-eyed to be pulled home that night, and were leaving for Sydney the next day. In light of the above, I decided the set was a dud and went back to chillin with da homies.

Da Homies

We had such a large crew, and that I constantly saw these girls talking to various guys from our group. Probably four or five of us approached them throughout the evening.
One guy (non-PUA) that came along that night is Brandon. Brandon is from my maths class. He is a little bit gangsta. When I met him, he always drank whiskey and coke. One night we were out and I bought him IPA (Indian Pale ale (pretty strong, flavoursome beer)) for the fun of it, not expecting him to like it. Somehow he did. Now he demands IPA at the bars we go to (usually the bartender is like ‘What is IPA???’).

So Brandon was buying IPA all night, and we were having a good time. Brandon ends up talking to the Koreans at one point, and then the bar closes and we decide to go downstairs for a drink and a chat. As we’re heading off, Brandon mentions we should bring them along, so we wait for them. They appear, with Verity, and we tell them to come along. They seem to consider but then Verity drags them off, so he wins that round.

Downstairs Verity is with the girls, but he wants a wing to help out. No one’s keen. When he realises they’re leaving the next day, I think he decided the set’s a dud too, and went to look for other prospects. Brandon and I grab more IPA, and then run into the Koreans. I know what to say to her so I just told her she looked good and if we were alone I’d grab her and kiss her. She didn’t object at all, so I did it, and she responded well. For next 10 minutes we talked about sex, and then I told her I wanted to take her elsewhere. She agreed.

Took her home and fucked her. No resistance.

So both Verity and I thought this girl was friendly but not DTF at all, and then it all it took was 10minutes of talking to her and she left her friend to fuck. Seems like a big big learning point.

The next day I called Verity to rub it in discuss this*.

*Any cuntery in the above post is in good fun.